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The simplest way to get unstuck [VIDEO]

Have you ever got stuck in your own mind?  

And something’s going round and round and round and you just can’t seem to get out of it?  LSU Football Jersey ASU Jerseys wmns air max 270 two people fishing kayak black stetson hat vanhunks kayak air jordan 11 cmft low jordan 13 nike air max 270 women’s sale air jordan retro 1 mid casual shoes sac petite mendigote nike air jordan 14 Florida state seminars jerseys nike air force jordan nike air jordan 1 elevate low 

So, I’m 80,000 words into a 50,000 word book that I’m writing.  

And yeah, I know, right, I’ve got way too many words.  

But the reason why I keep adding more words to it, but the reason why I’m not sending it off to the editor is, I feel stuck 

Something’s not right.  

I don’t feel like I’ve captured the message yet.  

And as a result, I’ve been stagnating or procrastinating whatever you want to call it.  

So my husband says to me the other day, Kim, isn’t that why you’ve got an editor, shouldn’t you go and have a chat to her?”  

Anyway, I’ve just come from meeting her this morning.  

So yeah, it was really good advice.  

But I’ve just come from meeting her this morning, we had a one-hour discussion, and all of a sudden, I now feel like I’ve got the clarity that I need to keep going 

And not to keep just adding more words, but to actually go and fill in some of the blanks, so that I can at least get the manuscript to her so that she can do her magic and editing (and obviously quite a fair bit of culling).  

But it was interesting, because, you know, you kind of think you can solve all your own problems yourself.  

And that something that doesn’t seem so big, but it just keeps going around and round and round, and it puts the blocks on you moving forward.  

And honestly, all it took was a one-hour conversation.  

Where’s somewhere in your life you’re stuck? 

Where somewhere in work where’s something that’s going on that you’re like, you just keep visiting it and not getting out of it?  

And do you need to have a chat to someone? 

Do you need to have a chat to a coach or a colleague or a peer or someone else to just help lift the lid off so that you can carry on and keep going.  

I found it absolutely invaluable 

I’m really excited to spend the weekend now, trying to finish off and fill in those gaps so that I can get this book out there into the world. 

Because the goodness in my head is not as valuable as if I can get it into the hands of those who would benefit from reading it.  

So where could you do something similar?  

Where do you need to get unstuck?  

Maybe just have a conversation because after all, You are valuable


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