The Valuable Woman Program

Empowering women to take the
lead,be fully expressed, and
embrace their calling.

Did you know many women fear…


It can hold women back.

Even smart, successful, high achieving women face inner challenges that stifle their potential.
It can be as a result of…

Imposter syndrome

~ Put pleasing others ahead of themselves and prioritise what people will think of them


~ Criticise and compare themselves to others, leaving them feeling inadequate.

People pleasing

~ Feel like they’re not good enough and that they’ll be found out as a fraud.


~ Going round in circles seeking the ‘right’ decision and missing out on opportunities.


~ Relentlessly striving for perfection as a measure of their self-worth and competency

Past failures

~ Negative comments, put-downs, or failures can leave them feeling discouraged and disheartened.


~ Overthink and question their capabilities regardless of their success to date.


~ There so much going on they struggle to see what’s right in front of them.

So they...

Stay silent
Hold back
Take a back seat
Discount themselves

Confident leaders have all the answers. They know what they’re doing. I need more experience before I’m ready.
I’ll just wait

Yet they should…

Speak up
Show up
Step up
Take the lead
Back themselves

Every time a woman finds her courage to rise, she emboldens all around her.
~ Dr Margie Warrell ~

Many smart women have said…

When you’re constantly overlooked and undermined, you start believing the problem is you.

I have loads of great ideas but question if anyone wants to hear them, so I keep quiet.

Speaking on a stage (or on video) literally makes me feel sick, so I avoid it at all cost.

I admire others who ask for exactly what they want, I’d love to be more like them.

I’m nervous about putting myself ’out there’ in case I’m judged, critised, or ridiculed.

Promoting myself (or my accomplishments) feels eeky and uncomfortable. It’s not me.

What impact would it make to address these challenges and tap into womens’ potential?

Increased productivity
Happier, more fulfilled, engaged workers
A more collaborative culture
An improvement in staff attraction and retention
A rise in creativity and innovation
An uplift in bottom line revenue and profitability

With the right support, you can empower women to rise up. To tackle what’s holding them back. To unleash their potential.

It’s an investment where everyone benefits.

The Journey to 'I do'

I do


You show up, speak up, and step up. You’re sharing your incredible gifts with the world. It’s who you are. It’s what you do. You are an empowered woman.

You’re transforming people’s lives. Your conviction and value helps others. The impact you’re making is exponential. You’re inspired and inspiring. This is you.

I can


You know you can do this. You get nervous and feel the fear, but it doesn’t hold you back. You’re growing your comfort zone, taking action, and getting results. You’ve got this.

Your message is heard, your influence is taking effect. People are listening, paying attention, and contributing. You dare to keep going. You can, and you will.

I could


You’re open to what’s possible. Ready to give and get more out of all you do. To put yourself out there and help those who want what you’ve got. Others are doing it. You could too

Your belief in ‘what’s possible’ is getting traction. People can feel the shift. They’re curious about the bigger game you’re ready to play. You’re hopeful. The only way is up

I can’t


You’re scared. You’ve got genuine excuses why you can’t show up, speak up or step up. Your inner critic is leading, not you. Unlike others, you can’t do it.

You want to make an impact. But you can’t, yet. You need more. More experience, learnings, confidence or qualifications. There’s too much in the way.

I won’t


You won’t put yourself out there. You’re not willing to try. There’s no point. You believe this. Nothing will change your mind. You’re not open to try. You won’t.

Being fixed on ‘won’t’ means others miss out on what you’ve got to offer. You won’t make an impact from here and risk pulling others down too.

For some, the journey to ‘I do’, seems like a long ride up a steep mountain.

For others, it’s a matter of taking the first step.


Rise up.
The Valuable Woman Program.

There’s so much potential in smart, talented, high achieving women waiting for the right support and encouragement to be unleashed.

Whether it’s speaking publicly on a stage, in a meeting, or speaking up for themselves, there are many fears that prevent women from being seen, heard, and fully valued.

Rise up. The Valuable Woman Program

This program is designed to take women from where they are now on the journey to ‘I do’. It’s about working from the inside out.

To equip women to take a lead role in their work and life. To give them the conviction to stand in their power, be fully self-expressed, and embrace their calling. To break through what’s holding them back and courageously step up and rise.

Everyone’s journey is unique, and the skills learned on the pursuit to ‘I do’ makes a profound impact on a women’s life and all those around her.

It’s a journey of empowerment, self-discovery
and personal advancement.

The pillars to help women rise.

The three pillars of the The Valuable Woman Program are to show up, speak up and step up. To empower women to lead and succeed.

1. show up


Be seen to rise

You can’t lead by hiding in the background. You’ve got to be in the ring to rumble. It means fronting up and getting out there even when you’re scared. To let others see you because you’ve got a bigger purpose and a calling to fulfill.

You matter. Showing up and being seen matters.

Hide and seek is for kids, not empowered women

2. speak up


Be seen to rise

You’ve got ideas, opinions, and a voice that can make a difference. You’ve got words people want and need to hear. It means speaking up and contributing to the conversation, even when you’d prefer to say nothing.

Empowered women are fully self-expressed. They speak their truth.

They choose to be heard over staying silent

3. step up


Be seen to rise

Internal validation and conviction of your worth is key to unleashing the leader within. Real transformation comes when you step up and own your value. Your greatest contribution comes from sharing your gift and lifting others up.

Empowered women embrace their value. They step up and make a difference.

They rise in their power.

Women don’t need to find a
voice, they have a voice, and
they need to feel empowered
to use it.

~ Meghan Markle ~

Rise up… to ‘I do’.

Show up and be seen.

Uncover what makes you uniquely you and embrace it. Explore the natural talents and gifts you bring to the world. Capture your flavour, your essence, and your you-ness. Be more comfortable being seen in your skin. Identify how you can show up and claim the lead in your life. Conquer the limiting beliefs and roadblocks holding you back.

Speak up and amplify your impact.

Identify your compelling stories that people need to hear. Learn how to share your words in a meaningful way. Feel more confident to ask for what you want. Understand how to use your voice to make an impact. Get comfortable talking in front of people, on video or on a stage. Embrace your unique speaking style so you feel like you.

Step up and own your value.

Understand your precious value and own it. Push the limits of your comfort zone and expand it. Make the shift from external validation to internal conviction. Access your inner wisdom and share it more broadly. Identify the perspective shifts needed to lift your game. Be courageous and step fully into yourself and your calling.

“We need to reshape
our own perception of
how we view ourselves.
We have to step up as
women and take the lead.”

~ Beyoncé ~

empowering women.

If you’ve got talented women ready to rise but need the support, encouragement, and guidance to bring out their best, let’s make it happen.

Together, we’ll create an interactive Program designed to grow and develop the women you value.

It will cover the three pillars of show up, speak up, and step up and all the core leadership skills needed on the journey to ‘I do’.

The Program will be tailored to meet your business needs, delivered virtual or in-person, and incorporate any number of additional Program components.

We’ll agree on the ideal duration, the preferred number of participants, and the investment required.

After all, your women are valuable, and their development matters

The Valuable Woman Program.

The components to design a Program that gets results.
Keynotes, workshops, masterclasses, training, and webinars
Buddy and peer sessions
Assessments and diagnostics
Group and private coaching & mentoring
Team building and celebration
Accountability and follow up
Tools and templates
Feedback, support,
and more support
(and even more)

The Valuable Woman Program.

The foundational skills to empower women. To be ‘who’ they are and aligned in all they do.
Lead your way.

You were born to lead your life and influence those around you. It’s about finding the leadership style that fits, highlights your natural abilities and elevates others.

It means embracing courage, welcoming vulnerability, and leaning into you.

public speaking
Captivate an audience.

You were born to lead your life and influence those around you. It’s about finding the leadership style that fits, highlights your natural abilities and elevates others.

It means embracing courage, welcoming vulnerability, and leaning into you.

story telling
Tell your stories.

Uncover the compelling stories from your lived life, the key messages that matter, and know how to share them strategically.

Make every word count, and every point understood. It’s possible with your flavour, your essence, and your voice.

Master your mind.

Uncover the compelling stories from your lived life, the key messages that matter, and know how to share them strategically.

Make every word count, and every point understood. It’s possible with your flavour, your essence, and your voice.

Communicate for impact.

Clearly express your point of view, ask for what you want, and understand what others need.

Communication is a full-body experience that involves making sense of what’s said, what’s not, and uncovering the real meaning of a message.

personal branding
Elevate your expertise.

Promote yourself to the spokeswoman for brand YOU. You’re a worthy endeavor that deserves top-notch PR without the ego or eekiness.

It’s about owning your space and being recognised for your unique superpowers.

soft skills
Connect with humans.

Real connection comes from understanding the varied and irrational ways humans behave. It’s about knowing what to do in any given situation to influence the best outcome.

Master this and build longerlasting, stronger relationships where everyone wins.

personal development soft skills
Growing for life.

As a human, you’re a ‘work in progress’ and the best invest in themselves. Growth is an inside job that requires relentless dedication, ‘give and take,’ and a thirst for lifelong learning.

There’s no magic pill. It’s a commitment to a better you.

Women like this are ready to rise…

They’re smart, savvy, and successful… and capable of more.

They’ve got so much to give and want to share it in a meaningful way.

They’re eager to push through their comfort zone and make an impact.

They’re nervous about getting ‘out there’ but know it’s needed to play bigger.

They’re over excuses about needing more experience, education, skills,
qualifications etc. before they’re ready for the next step. They’re ready now.

They know limiting beliefs don’t need to hold them back.

They want to feel more confident, more courageous, more valued.

To show up, speak up, and step up.

To become the empowered woman, they know they are.

The time is now!
“Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

~ Marianne Williamson ~

Want to know more?

If empowering your women is on your agenda and you’d like to know how The Valuable Woman Program could work for you, I’d love to chat.

I’m incredibly passionate about empowering women to step up, share their gifts, and make their mark.

For decades I’ve seen many brilliant women, technically competent and super smart, miss out on opportunities, get overlooked, undermined, or simply sabotage their success.
Whether they’re running their own business, a leader in an organisation, starting out, or advancing their career, much of what holds women back can be addressed.

And as a woman myself, I’ve experienced many of these challenges firsthand, know exactly how it feels, and importantly what to do about it.

Now it’s about paying it forward and supporting more women to rise up.

The world will be a better place.

Hi, lovely to meet you.

Welcome to my world, where I’ve spent the past three decades as a speaker, trainer, business coach, and consultant in the financial services industry.

During this time, through delivering inspiring keynotes, running group workshops, consulting to businesses, or privately coaching ambitious professionals, I’ve helped thousands of people get better results in business and in life.

I spent almost 20 years in the corporate world, working across stockbroking, relationship management, financial advising, training, and consulting. Half this time was with Credit Suisse First Boston, Northumberland Group (in the UK), Citibank, and the Money Managers. The other half was as a business consultant with NAB/MLC in their wealth division. These years provided invaluable experience managing, growing, and leading people.

Since 2010, I established and run multiple businesses of my own. I get to help people (especially women) step up, take the lead and be more valuable. I do this by speaking at Industry, Licensee, Aggregator and Business conferences, PD Days and events. And by developing and delivering tailored workshops, training, and coaching programs to help professionals succeed.

Even the most technically proficient, seasoned expert can make a bigger impact when they have the confidence, competence, and conviction in themselves and all they do.

My formal credentials include a Bachelor of Economics, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment, and an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

I love transforming minds from a stage

And leading teams to better results

And helping exceptional women rise

My relationship with Kim has been life changing
and so much of my personal and professional
success I credit to her.
Under her guidance I realised what I loved most, and what
resonated most strongly with my WHY.
Kim has help build my conviction and
belief in my own value.
To produce results that I
wasn't able to achieve on my own.

I’ve worked with some rockstar organisations.

Many smart women have said…

And helping exceptional women rise

And helping exceptional women rise

To help women rise up.

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