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Connect with People, Have a Laugh and Grow Your Business

The Ultimate Way to Connect with People, Have a Laugh and Grow Your Business

We bet most of you know that using video in your business is a terrific way to catch and keep more clients.

However, if you’ve not already taken the plunge, we get that it may seem a tad overwhelming? Right?

This is part of the reason why we started an animated video business, to help ease advisers into using video to grow their business without the daunting prospect of having to face the dreaded camera.

BUT… even though animated explainer videos are awesome (and they are), people still want to see the real faces behind your business.

The humans they will be dealing with, sharing their vulnerabilities and opening their personal Pandora’s box of information to.

Don’t believe me, check this out:

Yep, that’s us, warts and all.

We love making simple videos to help explain elements of our work and how we can help, but (as you can see) we’re very human and don’t ever get it right the first take.

Or if we do, we celebrate way too early ruining any chance the video had!

There are plenty of videos in circulation that look seriously amazing and so professional.

Often, they have a team of expert videographers behind the scenes with expensive gear who make sure that the setting is spot on, lighting is perfect, makeup is touched up and conversations are scripted.

Yet, if you got a sneaky peak into the making of these videos, a glimpse of their ‘stuff ups’ or ‘pre-edited’ shots, they are the ones that we relate to and that receive the most views, traction, comments and relatability when viewed on line.

Why?  They show that the person is a real human. And that makes a world of difference.

Plus we get a laugh at the same time (another weird human trait is we find other people’s blunders hilariously entertaining).

So, if you haven’t already, it could be time to give a ‘talking head’ video a go (that’s just ‘tech talk’ for a video with your face in it).

The bonus is if you stuff up, fudge your words or laugh so much that you cry, you have just created your own blooper video packed with your own unique quirks and character and it shows you too can make mistakes.

You are real, you are human, just like your clients.

And a few laughs can do wonders for helping people relate and establish a deeper connection with you.

So really, there is nothing to lose, only upside to gain in giving video a go.

And if you’re still not ready, stick with animated videos till you’re feeling brave!

If you’re looking for some cool, ready-made animated videos to help explain the value of your advice, check out what 3Genies* have available here.

*I am one of the co-founders of 3Genies – just letting you know.


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