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Video challenge – Progress not perfection [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (just a wee bit over 2 minutes) to help your business grow.  

If you prefer to read it, keep going.

Today’s video is about the ‘perfect time’ to do video.. which is right NOW. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it!  



So, the reason for this video is I often do videos about telling advisers the benefits of doing a video where clients can actually see you, hear you, the good, the bad and the ugly.  

But the real…the human stuff 

So, I’m about to do some filming myself and I’ve got everything set up, I’m just in my office and right outside my door, across the road someone is getting their lawn mowed.  

So that’s ok, I wait for the, for the mowing to finish. 

Then it finishes. Then they’re now getting all the edges trimmed with the whipper snipper, right.  

Then they got that finished, I thought great, I’ll start filming.   

Now, they’ve got all these hedges and the guy’s got some big machine and is trimming all their hedges, so there’s all this noise.  

The reason I’m telling you this is it is not perfect and if I wait right now for the perfect moment to do some of my videos I could be waiting a long time.  

So I’m here, I’m in my workout gear, all ready to go.  

I was going to go and get changed but at this point I don’t know when I’m going to do it, but life is not perfect 

And one of the best things you can do is just take action.  

It is progress not perfection.  

So, if ever you’ve thought about doing a video and you’re waiting for the perfect moment, guess what…it’s never going to come.  

The moment is actually now. 

NOW is the perfect moment right, no matter what.  

Get your phone out.  


Get your phone out right now and just record yourself doing a little video and then share it with me.  

I would love to see it.  

You know I do all kooky things, actually in my gym gear with a remote control, with whipper snippers and lawnmowers and everything out there, but I’m still here and I’m still doing it. 

And it is not perfect.  

It is far from perfect but I’m alright with that.  

So, share me your videos, go on, show me that you’ve done it.  

I’d love to see it out. 

Alright, that’s all I wanted to say.  



Ps. I meant to end with “Whatever you do with that, Make It Count.” 

PpsUp for a CHALLENGE – please share you ‘just doing it’ video – I would LOVE to see it.  


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