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Want to know what’s more useful than positive thinking? [VIDEO]

I don’t know if you were watching the news this morning, but Queensland’s locked down is extending Sydney’s cases are out of control, Melbourne’s now got another case of COVID. 

It’s everywhere.  

So I must say, I did watch it going “ah fruitcake”. 

Events are getting cancelled.   

Looks like you know, we (Melbourne) could be in for another lockdown again, it’s like, oh, my goodness it’s just never ending.  

And with all of this stuff going on, there’s a lot of people who are just over it.  

They’re sick and tired of it, and understandably so.  

And, you know, often we’re always told, just think positive  

Look at the bright side 

Look at it, every cloud has a silver lining.  

And yeah, I’m kind of one of those people too.  

However, sometimes that’s not that helpful.  

So going back to an oldie but a goodie, Chris Helder wrote a book called Useful Belief

Teeny, tiny, skinny book, it’s awesome.  

But he talks about the fact that sometimes positive thinking just doesn’t cut it, especially when things really are hitting the fan.  

And it’s all going on around you, and you’re just feeling like crap.   

But in there he talks about reframing positive thinking to what is the most useful belief I could have about the situation that’s in front of me 

What’s the most useful thing that I could do?  

And useful in some cases might be positive, but it also might not be it might be more pragmatic and more practical.   

And I really love that re-framing, in particular, when we are going through such crazy, uncertain times. 

That maybe just putting on that positive hat, as helpful as it might be for some, it’s not for everyone.  

But how could you put on your more useful hat?   

So what could I believe out of all this?  

Maybe it is that it’s going to encourage more people to get vaccinated, if that’s what they want to do.  

Maybe it’s going to encourage more people to look at things that they can be doing within the confines of their own home and their own personal environment.  

Maybe it is that chance to re-address something that you’d kind of overlooked or the connections that you want to make. 

Whatever it might be, but what’s something useful that you could take out of this as opposed to just looking at with having that positive hat on?  

Mind you having that dose of positivity, ‘glass half full’ certainly won’t hurt you whatsoever.   

I thought it was really helpful.  

I thought it was really useful given the time we’re in.   

And remember You are Valuable!


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