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Want to overcome the fear of video and use it grow your business? [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (under 3 minutes) with a practical idea to help your business grow. 

I’ve also included the written version if you prefer to read it.  

Give it a go – and make every minute count!  

Today’s video is a behind the scenes look into why doing videos should not be scary, as they have nothing to do with you…  


This is just a little bit of it ‘take two’ shot.  

So, I’ve just been filming some videos for my MAKE IT COUNT series and I’ve got some products that I’m bringing out and so I’ve had to do some video.  

And you know, all my clients all the time/ I’m talking to them about the importance of video because it’s so so so powerful… but they’re like ‘ahhhh I don’t want to do it’.  

So this is just a snippet right.  

I’ve just done a whole lot of videos. It’s the same day, you can probably tell because my hair hasn’t changed.  

Yes I’ve changed my clothing and I’ve moved a couple of bits and bobs around.  

But do you care 

Do you care that I’m doing it all on the one day, even though I’m releasing them all on different days?  

Do you care that I’m sitting here with the remote control in my hands that I’m hiding because, you know, it doesn’t look that cute?  

But do you really care?  

Do you care that I fudge my words?  

Do you care that I say things or I ‘um’ or I ‘ahh’ or I ‘bluuuh’ with my language or I look around or something like that, do you really care?  

The answer is probably no (I hope it’s no).  

So guess what, when you’re doing video with your clients they don’t care either.  

And it makes it more real.  

The one thing I never ever ever do and I never have is used a teleprompt.   

So when I’m speaking to you through this lens, I’m actually speaking to YOU 

I’ve not got something else that’s, you know, trawling through the words I should use that’s pre scripted or preconceived.  

Yeh I’ve thought about it.  

I certainly don’t just sit here and talk, although I am right now, you can probably tell because it’s certainly far from perfect.  

But you see I’m not trying to be perfect.  

I’m not trying to be a newsreader. Albeit I think I’d be a pretty cool job. Ahhh maybe not.  

Anyway I’m not trying to be that.  

I’m just trying to be real 

I’m trying to communicate with you.  

And I’m trying to get a message across 

And this video is all about YOU, not me 

Because I won’t like how I look, I won’t like how I sound, aww I didn’t do that or I’ve got a piece of hair in the wrong spot.  

I get that.   

But when you can get past all of that and think about… what is the message that I want to give to more people and video being one of the easiest tools to give it.  

Focus on that and get rid of all the other stuff around the edges because it does not matter.  

I mean it doesn’t matter.  

And the one thing that you’ve got to do if you do want to do video is you’ve got to give it a go 

Don’t be scared because the more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll be with that black eye staring back at you.  

Ok, not that much fun.  

But you do get more comfortable.  

Trust me you do.  

Anyway, I can probably use this as a Make It Count video.  

It wasn’t intended to be, it was more meant to be a little bit of a thing that I did on the side. Ahhh we’ll see what we’ll do.  

So if it does end up to Make It Count… Whatever you do with it Make It Count.  

See I had to even bumble to find the remote to turn it off.  

See I haven’t turned it off yet.  

I’m going to.  

Ok bye.   

This time, BYE.  


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