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What a footy hero and Value have in common [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (3 minutes) to help your business grow.  

If you prefer to read it, keep going.  

In today’s video, I share a funny story of my all-time favourite footy hero as it relates to understanding what your clients value.  


I might be really embarrassed to say this, but I’m a Carlton supporter, and have been all my life.  

And when I was a little girl my favorite player was number 4, Peter Bosustow 

I had him all over my jumper, all over my duffel coat, my scarf, my beanie… the works.  

And it was back when AFL was only played on a Saturday, and I religiously went to every single game, of course to see Carlton play, but importantly to see Peter Bosustow play.  

Totally my hero. 

Fast forward to a couple of years ago… in my early 30’s and I’m at a function at the Carlton Football Club.  

And lo and behold my parents are sitting next to Peter Bosustow.  

Anyway, to his credit, my stepfather was like, “Kim, Kim come over here, come over here.  

Look who I’m sitting next to, it’s Peter Bosustow.”  

He’s so excited for me it’s really quite gorgeous.  

And he said, “You’ve always wanted his autograph, why don’t you get his autograph now? Like he can sign something for you.”  

I’m dressed up, I’m there with my girlfriend, so remotely embarrassed at this point.  

And I’m thinking… what’s he going to sign?  

I’m in a gorgeous dress and high heels and a pretty handbag.  

So politely I said to my stepfather, “That’s fantastic, but I wanted it when I was 8, not in my 30’s.” 

The reason I’m sharing that, and of course embarrassing myself admitting that I’m a Carlton supporter at this stage, (I know we’re going to turn around), is that I valued that, and I would have valued his autograph back when I was an 8 year old girl.  

In my 30’s it’s not something I value any more.  

And that’s okay, what it shows is I’m human.  

What’s really important is to know that firstly you can’t tell someone what they value.  

So here my stepfather was getting all excited about something I might value, what he didn’t stop to think is would a girl in her 30’s really value this?  


So number one, you can’t tell someone what they value.  

And number two, what people value changes over time.  

When is the last time that you asked your client’s what do they value?  

What do they value in their life?  

And what do they value in the relationship that they have with you?  

If you haven’t asked for a while, go and ask, otherwise, it’s going to be the same as me getting the signature of Peter Bosustow in my 30’s when I really valued it when I was 8.  

So, on that note, whatever you with it, Make It Count. 

Oh, and talking about value, I need to thank my 9-year-old son for lending me his Carlton jumper, hat and footy.  

Funny enough my husband actually went and blew the football up before I actually brought it in here.  

I said, “babe, I’m not going to actually kick it, it’s just a prop.” 

Anyway, go Blues as well, I hope that one day we could actually wear this jumper proud because we actually win a game, let alone a Grand Final.  

Anyway, a little bit of a sidekick, whatever you do with it, Make It Count. 

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