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What matters more than money? [VIDEO]

Have you heard that saying, Orange is the New Black? 

It was a Netflix series, I think one of the very first Netflix series to come out.  

Well, I came across another saying like that recently, and I cannot find where I read it, but it said, “meaning is the new money.”  

And I thought, wow, that is so true.  

So at the moment you would have heard there’s this whole thing about the mass resignation, where people are all leaving their jobs and going to find new jobs.  

Now, admittedly, some are going for the money, because in some cases, they can almost be doing the same work and get a whole heap more money.  

But there’s a whole lot of people that are going, not because of the money, but they’re going to find more meaning in what they do.  

Because they don’t want to just earn money. 

They want how they earn money, to be just as important. 

To know that they’re making a difference. 

To know that it’s giving their life some meaning and some purpose.  

And I thought, what a great saying that can actually capture not just what’s going on with your clients, and obviously in your clients’ lives, but also with your team and what’s going on with them.  

So when have you actually asked in the last sort of six months, for clients or for your staff, you know, “what is it that gives you meaning?” 

What is it that gives your work meaning 

Or what is it that gives your life meaning 

And how can you try and incorporate that ‘meaning’ into what it is that either they’re doing with you in the business, or what it is that you’re doing with your clients?  

And I thought it was really great, and it kind of makes me turn that whole ‘mass resignation’ into ‘mass revelation’ where people are getting this revelation that, hey, the whole experience of COVID has made me sit back and go, you know what, what do I really want from life now?  

What would give me that sense of meaning and purpose?  

As well as help make money?  

But what meaning can I get, and if I can’t get it where I am, then maybe I need to go and get it somewhere else.  

So really great thing that if you haven’t done that recently is to ask the people around you, whether your clients or your staff, “what is it that gives your life meaning?”  

What is it that gives your work meaning?  

What are things that you need to make what you’re doing truly fulfilling on more levels than just financial?  

I thought it was really useful and see how you could actually apply that into what you do, into your work and into your life.

Because after all, You are Valuable! 


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