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Who are the happiest workers? [VIDEO]

Do you think you’ve got the happiest job in the world?  

Oh, could it be someone else?  

I was reading a blog post recently by Vanessa Van Edwards

She runs a business called the Science of People.  

And she cites some research where they interviewed 30,000 people, and they were trying to work out what are their happiest jobs? 

And guess who trump’s? 

Guess who was the happiest workers? 

Construction workers 

And I thought, wow, that one floored meI didn’t expect that.  

What was more interesting, though, is why. 

And here’s why.   

From her research, she found that the reason construction workers are the happiest is firstly, they’re creating something, they’re building something.  

They’re bringing a vision to life.  

Secondly, they’re doing it with other people, right?  

You can’t build a building on your own, you’ve got to involve other people.  

So they’re social.  

They’re building camaraderie with other colleagues and workmates and others who were trying to also be a part of building this vision.  

And thirdly, they’re outdoors.  

Okay, they get to get outside, they get a dose of that vitamin D, they get that fresh air.  

And boy oh boy does that do wonders for boosting anyone’s mood.  

So I thought well, how could you translate that into your world, into your work as a professional, to your work as a leader ,or maybe to your work as a team member  

So how you actually bringing a vision to life?  

How are you building something and creating it?   

How are you involving all your other co-workers and team members, or clients?   

How are you building that with them?  

And are you getting a bit of a dose of the outdoors?   

Anyway, I found that really interesting.   

On the flip side, she also cites some research in this blog post about the unhappiest job.  

And can you guess what that is?  

It’s accountants. 

So to all you accountants out there, maybe you do love your job and that’s great.  

The research found that why the accountants were so unhappy is it’s reasonably sedentary, there’s not a lot of movement going on.   

It’s really high stress, and you’re doing a lot of work on your own.  

Yeah, you might still have team members, and you might see clients, but a lot of the work is being done on your own.  

And off the back of that research, there’s certainly some accounting businesses out there that are doing wonders to create the camaraderie, to bring that vision to life and to do something a little bit different, maybe outdoors, maybe just in the environment you’re in 

Anyway, I thought it was really interesting research.   

You can read more about it, I’ve put the link to the blog post in here, it was Vanessa Van Edwards from the Science of People.

She’s got some amazing other tools around how you actually deal with and interact with people, with other humans, it’s really cool.   

And given that you’re so valuable, I thought there might be something in there that you could take back and put into your workplace or into your role.   

Or maybe it’s just time to have a break, step outside and get some of that fresh air.  

Because remember, You are Valuable


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