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Why choice is so valuable [VIDEO]

One of the biggest frustrations that people face is the thought, or the idea, that they don’t have a choice.  

So a guy called William Whitecloud wrote an incredible book called The Magician’s Way.

And it’s super cool, especially if you want to learn a lot about how the mind works and what goes on.  

But he tells it almost through fiction, so through a really great story.  

He has a beautiful statement or paragraph in there, which as a quote, reads: 

“True limitation isn’t a lack of money or having small ambitions. True limitation is the illusion that  we lack options, that we lack choice.” 

And I love that so much. 

Because in your work as a professional, often people are coming to you and there’s usually a problem that has caused them to come to you in the first place. 

Or it’s a result that they want, that they don’t have…at the moment.  

But one of the biggest issues and one of the biggest things that advisers of any description, any profession helps people do is to give them the choice and the options. 

To lay them out, to make it really clear, hey, you know, this is not your destiny.  

This is not how things have to turn out.  

There is, and are, other options.  

It’s not the whole either-or situation.  

It’s either, or…and.’ 

And part of your role is to actually help them understand what are the other “and’s”  

What are the other things, what are some of the choices or options that they may have?  

And it’s something that I don’t think that we use enough to help clients understand the value that we bring to the table. 

That one of the things that we do is to give them, based on their situation, an outline of what are some of their options and choices. 

Maybe you know, the options or the choice is around mindset that we just need to look at this differently, to think differently, to approach it from a different perspective.  

Maybe it’s laying out choices and options to do with strategy, that we could take road A, road B and / or road C, D, E, F, or G. 

Maybe it’s something around what they want to do’ or ‘have their life and to say that, you know, you might not be able to afford to do this today.  

However, if you do X, Y, and Z, then you could potentially afford to do that in the future.  

I mean, I can go on forever about this.   

But where are you, as part of your value, helping people understand the choices and options that they have available?  

And of course, how they can make that and bring that to life?  

Because that’s a big frustration and part of your role is to get rid of the frustration… so that they can address any problems that they’ve got, that they don’t want, or achieve those results that they want, that they don’t have.  

Because after all, You are Valuable! 


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