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Why YOU deserve a high five [VIDEO]

Here is a big high five to you!  

You deserve it.  

We’re now at a stage where it’s been a BIG couple of years, the many, many, many reasons, and you’d have your own experience of what that’s look like.  

But we’re at this point, and you know what I don’t know about you, but I reckon getting a high five right now feels really good.  

Because lots has happened.  

And high fiving has been proven by science, to actually give people that celebration, that encouragement, that feeling of yeah, I’ve got this 

And we haven’t been able to do it that much right over the last couple of years.  

But you know when a book just comes to you, so you’re at a stage in your life or something, and a book just pops into your life.  

Well, that just happened to me.  

This book. 

This book called The High Five Habit by this amazingly, inspiring woman called Mel Robbins. 

I’ve been eyeing it off for a while and then just a couple of weeks ago, I found myself pushing ‘buy’ on my Amazon shopping cart.  

And I got the book and I also listened to the audio book.  

And oh my goodness, did it come at a beautiful time.  

And in there, it’s very research and evidence based.  

So it’s not just that wishy washy, give a high five and you know, solve world problems.  

But it talks about the power of the high five, but in particular, the power of high fiving yourself. 

Giving you that recognition of what you’ve done. 

Maybe how far you’ve come? 

Maybe the fact that you know we’re still around and it’s not far from Christmas and still got a smile on our faces. 

But giving you that recognition of hey, a job well done.”  

And part of the book is about one of the habits – of every morning, the first thing that you do, so when you get out of bed and you head into the bathroom, when you get to the bathroom, have a look at you. 

Have a look at you in the mirror, and really look at you, and give yourself the celebration of a high five.  

Now, I know it sounds weird.  

It sounded weird to when I first read about it. 

But oh my goodness, I’ve been doing it and loving it. 

Has it worked?  

Well, I think so anyway, I think so and that’s all that matters (to me).  

But also, and in saying that, where else can you give more other people a high five in their life, give them that encouragement? 

So I feel that it’s something that we can all do. 

A bit of a pat on the back, bit of a high five, well done to you for getting to where we are. 

Still a few weeks until we get to have a break, or we get to put our feet up and reflect on what was. 

But here’s a high five. 

Here’s to celebrating where we’ve comewhat we’ve achieved, and to celebrating what’s next 

So a big high five to you, because You are Valuable! 


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