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Your email ‘out of office’ can be a great tool to engage your clients [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (around 2 minutes) to help your business grow.  

If you prefer to read it, keep going.  

Today’s video is about using your email ‘out of office’ as a tool to connect and engage with clients, even when you are away.  


When you go on a holiday or have a break from the office, it’s an incredible chance for you to really let people in and see who you are as a human 

So, the way you do that is by using that tool called your ‘out of office 

Everyone’s got it on their email server and instead of just sending the typical, which is; “Hi. Thank you for your email. I’m not here. I’ll be out of the office from this date to that date. If you need anything call,” blah, blah and you put all the contact details. Right?  

Really boring.  

It’s a wasted opportunity to really connect with those who have sent you an email. 

So instead, why don’t you make it a little bit more interesting and why don’t you share why you’re out of the office?  

So maybe it is that you’re taking a break to recharge those batteries with your family on a gorgeous island, (sunny, which at the moment in Melbourne it’s not), on a sunny island and you’re going to be drinking cocktails and relaxing.  

Tell us where you’re going.  

Maybe you’re off on a work conference and you’re going to learn some new strategy around estate planning or how to get a better mortgage.  

Or maybe something that’s just on a personal development.  

Maybe you’re going to see Tony Robbins?  

Whatever it is, use that out of office as an opportunity to let people know a little bit about more of what you do when you’re not in the office.  

Let them get an insight into who you are.  

Maybe you could do a little video even and pop that in there, so that when I email you and you’re not there, hey, it’s a really enjoyable email that I receive and I get to know a little bit more about you and what you do.  

So use it as an opportunity to connect with people and make it a bit of fun, like even put some humour in there because all the other out of office messages are really boring.  

Don’t be one of the boring ones.  

Have some fun.  

Connect with your clients, and have a great holiday or break, whatever you’re doing if you have to put an out of office on.  

Whatever you do with that, Make it Count. 

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