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Your marketing is not about you [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (around 3 minutes) to help your business grow.  

If you prefer to read it, keep going.  

Today’s video is about the fact that any marketing you do is not about you… it should be about your client and how they will be better off with your help.  


So, I see a lot of websites and a lot of brochures and a lot of emails to clients that put comments in like:  

  • “We’ve been doing this for 50 years  
  • We’ve built a solid reputation, and our cumulative experience is 150 years plus  
  • We charge a fee for service  
  • We do holistic financial planning  
  • We really are unique because of our exceptional customer service.”  

Right, you’ve heard it all before.  

And some of you are probably committing those crimes.  

The reason I’m saying a ‘crime’ is being committed is because those things on their own mean absolutely nothing to the prospective client or the client that is reading your content.  

What’s missing is what that translates into from my point of view, how it’s going to help me improve my situation with your help, me being the prospect or the client.  

So, be very, very careful when you’re just talking about you and how good you are because you need to make the focus the client, the situation they’re in, and how what you’re going to do for them is going to help improve their situation.. however, you might do that. 

So for example, if you are talking about how long you’ve been in business, make sure that you also mention that;  

“The reason this is of benefit to you is you’re not going first. We’ve done it before with other clients in a similar situation, so we kind of know what we’re doing.” 

If you are talking about fee for service, you can talk about the fact that;  

“You pay our fees. We’re not getting a clip under the carpet from somewhere else.  

It’s you who pays our fees.” 

So, there’s that full disclosure that what you’re getting, you’re actually paying for.  

If you are talking about the fact that you do holistic financial planning to use that term, talk about the fact that;  

“There’s so many things that are going to go on in your life, expected and unexpected, and whatever they might be, where there is a need for advice, we’ve got you covered, either ourselves in house or through other alliance or partnerships that we have.” 

So just be very, very careful when you’re talking about your business, that you translate that into something that‘s going to benefit the client and make that benefit super clear. 

Because at the end of the day any promotion, marketing, that you do is not about you,  

  • it’s about the client  
  • the transformation that they’re going to receive  
  • and the benefits and outcomes they will experience in having you help them.  

So, whatever you do with that, Make it Count. 

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