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VALUE that value

Delighted to meet.

Hi, Kim here.

Welcome to my world of VALUE and advice.

It started back when I did a stint as a financial adviser, and clients would question how I could help them given I was young and female (silly hey)?

So I got my ‘value’ skates on and set off to figure out how to better explain and demonstrate the value of advice.

After nearly 30 years in financial services, I’ve learnt that ‘value’ is everywhere. In business and in life. You can’t touch or see it, but boy oh boy, you can feel it.

Now I spend my days helping clever professionals be more valuable advisers, grow more valuable businesses and live more valuable lives.

It rocks!

Value, like a fine wine,
is in the eye of the beholder.
~ Kim Payne ~

The value of being real

On a professional note.

I’m a recovering maths, stats, and numbers nerd who loves making complex stuff easy to understand.

After nearly 30 years in financial services, including the corporate world, and running a few of my own businesses, I believe that being a technical genius is not enough for sustained success.

It’s also about mastering how to catch and keep valuable clients and become an indispensable player in their lives.

Whether I’m delivering inspiring keynotes, running group workshops, commenting in the media, or coaching ambitious advisers, my focus is to help advice professionals better communicate the value of their advice.

Nail this, and you can earn more money, make a bigger impact, and grow a business that makes you proud.

My formal credentials include a Bachelor of Economics, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment, and an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning.

Want some juice?

I’m mastering human.

I have no ‘rags to riches’ story or Olympic medals on my mantle(sadly). I’m a normal (debatable) human giving this ‘life’ thing a decent go.

A reformed perfectionist.

I tried being perfect. It didn't work. I’m more of a ‘work in progress’.

Yoda’s apprentice.

A Jedi I’m not. Always learning, I am.

Belly aching laughter.

I’m a sucker for belly aching laughing, a witty ‘dad’ joke, or a real-life blooper or blunder.

Corny, but true.

With the surname Payne (and growing up wanting to go into Medicine) I get called a ‘Value’ Doctor. Playing on the pun, I say: “With Payne, you Gain.”

Money or a party?

At 21 I was offered money or a party. I took the money, invested it, and spent it backpacking Europe for 6 months with my bestie. Priceless!

Fantasy career (there’s still hope).

I dream of being a professional baseball player! I started playing at age 48 – never say never!

Scary – nooo!

I moved to London at 23 with little more than the clothes on my back. Funny how you work things out when faced with a life of baked beans and homeless shelter.

Serious work and child’s play

I do serious work with stunningly brilliant people. The results are better when we keep it simple, meaningful, and a bucket load of fun.

An acquired taste.

Just like a fine wine, my favourite clients are curious, ambitious professionals who want more from life. Settling is not an option.

One of your many superpowers (and there are many) is that you always leave me feeling better than where you found me.

Mark Gibbs [Director and Principal Consultant @ Cerulean Wealth Advisers]

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