Be more


so people say "I want what you've got"

Helping financial advisers, accountants and mortgage brokers communicate the value of advice

You know how valuable you are.

Help others realise it too.

Be a more

Make a bigger impact. The more value you give, the more lives you can change.

Grow a more

A business you’re proud of. That provides the financial, personal, and professional rewards you deserve.

Live a more

A life that makes your hard work worth it. Packed full of meaning, choice, and what matters to you.

Kim has not only helped us create an outstanding business by prompting us to see all of what we do through the eyes of our clients and ensuring that it is of value to them, but most importantly she has helped us create an environment which is FUN.

— Catherine Robson [Principal @ Affinity Private]

Sound familiar?

You know you’re valuable.

But you struggle to find the words and ways to explain it consistently.

Your clients value you.

However, it's not translating into quality referrals banging on your door.

Your revenue is at risk.

You're concerned clients may start to question your value and sign out.

Unlocking your value.

Being great at advice (which I’m sure you are) is not enough if you want to grow your business.

The key is being able to succinctly explain and consistently demonstrate why someone should work with you, pay you, stick around and refer you.

And the good news is, it’s do-able!

You master the technical detail. I'll help you make it human.



Create deeper, more meaningful connections and stronger relationships.



Communicate so clients understand, take action and get results.



Deliver an immersive, interactive and engaging experience that clients crave.

Kim has been instrumental in being able to help take what was already a good business to one that is now benchmarked in our industry. We are now clearly and confidently able to demonstrate to our clients how we can help them reach a level of financial and personal independence and comfort.

— Michael Mansfield [Executive Director @ Morgans Brighton]

Want help unlocking your VALUE?


An audience to inspire


A team to learn together.


An agenda of your own.

I've had the pleasure...

Kim has brought some extremely useful ideas to the table on business processes, client engagement and relationship management, which since implementation have had an immediate impact with clients.

— Jonathan Rooney [Director @ The Structured Group]

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