You build a better business
when you build a better YOU

You’re doing well… but you want more.


As passionate as you are about what you do, you’ve got bills to pay and mouths to feed.


You’re on a roll but there’s many more people’s lives you’re ready to change for the better.

fist pumps.

You want that sweet feeling of pride that comes when you find your calling and you’re making your mark.

You deserve it.

The best, always invest.

Being more valuable is a skill. You can learn it.

And the results last a lifetime.

Working together (just you and me) is designed to help you rise to the challenge.

To focus on what you need.

To grow.
To advance.
To succeed.

It’s for you and all about you.

In the 3 years of working with kim, we have enjoyed more success than in all the previous 12 years put together

— Catherine Robson [Principal @ Affinity Private]

The Valuable Professional Coaching Programs.

The Valuable Professional

Clarity Day.

One day.

  • Clarity.
  • Actions.
  • Commitments.


The Valuable Professional


90 days.

  • Confidence.
  • Direction.
  • Accountability.


The Valuable Professional



  • Conviction.
  • Support.
  • Validation.


This is perfect if you need to get things moving with no time to waste.

Over a full day, we’ll get you clear on what you want your business to look like, and how to make it possible.

It’s shaped by what you need, the problems you need solved and the actions you need to take.

You’ll be energised about what’s possible and clear about what needs to be done.

It’s shaped by what you need, the problems you need solved and the actions you need to take.

How it works:

One full day together in person, (or 2 shorter sessions if it’s virtual).

A progress session (60 mins - virtual) so you stick to your commitments.

Access to relevant time saving tools or templates.

‘On-call’ access for questions, guidance, and feedback while we’re engaged.


From $7k (+gst) in Melbourne

From $8k (+gst) if Interstate

How it works:

Over 90 days we work together and ger you focussed on getting the ‘right stuff’ done.

It includes:

Doing sessions
Six (6) catch-ups (60 mins each fortnight) to focus on what you need and the actions to take. The first one is a planning session to capture all your ideas and create a plan of attack.

Accountability buddy
Pro-active follow-up so you do what you commit to and get results

Your biggest support
Think of me as your ‘personal’ sounding board to ask questions, receive feedback, validate ideas, and test new ground.

Time savers
Access to heaps of relevant time-saving tools and templates that you can tweak to fit your business.

From $7K (+gst).

You’re not alone.

Once you’ve completed the Clarity Day or 90-day Coaching, you’ll need some breathing space to get stuff done.

Then, if you’re ready to keep going and you want a hand, some guidance, direction, support, or encouragement, I’ve got you covered.

There is plenty of ways we can ‘stick together’ so you keep getting results. We’ll discuss the options and the investment when you’re ready.

Working with Kim has helped me increase revenue and reduce costs to the point that I was able to employ a full time servicing adviser. This frees me up to do what I love and I could not have achieved this without Kim's mentoring, patience, tough questioning and guidance.

— Michelle Roberts [Principal Adviser | BCV Financial Solutions]

it’s not about


it’s about


It’s transformational and fun

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