Even Muhammad Ali Had A Coach. Do You?

Muhammad Ali didn’t become a world heavyweight champion through his fists and fortitude alone.

He had a team of managers, coaches and trainers in his corner – and so can you.

We typically work with business owners and advisers who are at a crossroads. They are successful in their own right but are looking for a leg-up to supercharge their performance.

We are experts at turning advice businesses into industry champions. Meaningful results are what counts, and we deliver – bringing you greater reward than you could muster alone.

We are in your corner backed by decades of experience and a reputation for getting things done, we make a difference

Private Coaching

An accomplished coach and mentor is the bedrock of every great advice business.

You benefit from the lessons we have learnt from years in the trenches seeing what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building solid advice businesses.

Our hands-on coaching program is designed to uncover any weaknesses, build on your strengths, recalibrate your goals and get you ahead of the game.

Our programs are intensive and hands-on. We get to know you and your business inside out. We deconstruct what you do and teach you new ways to do it better, reprogramming your thinking so you are hard-wired to succeed.

We’re in it for the long haul.

Coaching is kind of like marriage – the best ones last forever. We will initially tailor a 6-12 month program for you (a minimum 3-month commitment ensures you get the best opportunity for transformation).

Depending on how soon you want results and the amount of time and resources you have available to invest, we agree on a formal (but flexible) schedule to make it happen. This may include catching up in the flesh, over the phone or on-line.

Throughout our engagement you have exclusive access to ‘9rok-on-call’ – a trusted ear when you need it most and you get access to any business building tools and resources from our kit bag that are relevant to get you results.

We don’t believe in a ‘fries-with-that’ fix, which is why we are selective and limit the number of clients we coach privately at any one time. Our service is truly personal because we know that one-on-one tailored support delivers the most extraordinary results.

Think of the difference a little expert TLC will make to your business, and your life.

Coaching is an investment that returns dividends exponentially. Again, and again, and again.

“Kim provides coaching in the same way a good sporting coach manages to get the best out of a team to achieve success as a whole. Kim takes time in working out what your strengths are, what you are enthusiastic about, providing you with the confidence to play to your strengths and extend yourself into areas you would not normally venture.”

Geoff Ivanac | Director, EVERBLUE CONSULTING

As at November 2015 all private coaching places are currently filled.

If you want to know how we can support you, please get in touch.

Business Planning


These are the wise words from an industry legend Malcolm Payne who made it to the big league of selling advice because he practiced what he preached. He had a deliberate plan for his success and he stuck to it.

As a financial adviser, you are in the business of selling advice. You know that planning is the linchpin of your clients’ long-term financial security. But do you walk the talk? Do you have a plan for your success?

Can you really afford not to practise what you preach?

We are in the business of advising advisers. We know that the best way to predict your future is to plan it. It is so logical, yet so many business owners don’t do it. If you have been so fixated on shoring up the dreams of others that you have neglected to advance yours, you are not alone.

Now is the time to reach out and get some expert advice of your own. We will cast a forensic eye over your business, tease out your long-term aspirations and get you on a fast-track to success.

We’ll help you articulate what you want and paint a picture of your dream business. This vision will provide the roadmap for your future and help expose the potholes holding you back. Together, we will devise a step-by-step action plan that will set the framework for your business development over the next one to three years. We’ll nut out the details and create a logical action plan of priorities that are achievable and will reinvigorate how you feel about your business.

Our plans are simple and make sense. We’ll capture everything in writing so you have a reference point to keep you focused. And if you need a motivational boost, just ask and we’ll be there to help.

You wouldn’t let your clients gamble their future happiness by not having a plan in place? Why gamble with yours?

“With Kim’s help I have taken my business from where it was in a completely different direction. She’s helped me fall back in love with my business again.”

Andrew Carra | Principal Adviser, CARRA WEALTH MANAGEMENT

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