Bigger Business with multiple decision makers and a larger team

Bigger Business



When you spend time clarifying your value and practicing how to explain it so people understand… it makes it easier for clients to willingly work with you, pay you, stick around and refer you.

How much is it costing your business by not getting this right?

  • How many potential clients don’t know you exist?
  • How many appointments are unfilled because people don’t know why they should come?
  • How many people are passing up your advice, even though they really need it?

Imagine what you could achieve in one day by bringing all the brilliant minds in your business together and injecting them with a dose of inspiration and new thinking to help more ideal clients realise the value of your advice?

Well you can!

How we make it happen:

We bring your entire team together for a full day where where we will explore and capture your incredible value through the eyes of your clients.

Following that, we spend ½ day with your leadership team nutting out the practical changes you need to make and how to make them… to capture the goodness from the team day.

You’ll end up with a motivated team and a bucket load of practical ideas and content you can use to make your message clear so clients understand. What’s that worth?

  • One full day together on site (9am – 4pm)
  • Documented output from the team day
  • 1/2 day with your leadership to capture the practical action items
  • An action plan outlining what needs to be done
  • Two ‘one hour’ follow up sessions so you stick to your commitments
  • Access to relevant time saving tools or templates as appropriate
  • ‘On-call’ access for guidance, support, feedback and a helping hand

Your investment is $10K* (+gst)

*Plus any travel costs associated with our work together



You know how valuable your business is and how many people’s lives you change with your advice.

However you recognise there is room to ‘up the ante’ when it comes to capturing, demonstrating and articulating your value.

With the foundations in place and a team of awesome people, you now need a hand to nail your value, get crystal clear on your message and consistently deliver it across your business at every stage in your clients’ journey.

To wrap up all your goodness so more clients realise that can’t live without you

You know if you get this right, it will be outrageously good for business.

How we make it happen:

We’ll work out a program that’s best for you.

One that gets:

Your people on the same page
Your processes delivering a sensational client experience
Your message (and marketing) clear and compelling
Your offer and pricing aligned to what your clients’ value
Your thinking from your clients perspective

We’ll outline the investment required to make this happen in a proposal
once we know what results will make you proud.

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