Make Your Licensee/Aggregation Business Irresistible

Put your licensee / aggregation business under the microscope and let us do for you, what you do for your advisers.

We help you succeed.

With the right know-how, you can transform your business into a well-oiled machine with a supremely healthy bottom line.

No need to commit to full-time staff or continuous in-house training. You get the most up to date, relevant solutions, and only pay for it when you need it.

Whatever the method of delivery, our support will boost your recruitment and retention rates and deliver a licensee or aggregation ‘offer’ that your market can’t refuse.

We can help if you want to:

  • Boost your ‘offer’ to entice new businesses or advisers to join your licensee
  • Raise the bar and attract a new pedigree of advisers
  • Retain your existing advisers and groom them to thrive
  • Become a proactive market leader by being attentive to your advisers and responsive to their concerns


When we take to the stage, we want to make a BIG impression…. as it makes you look good!

We use all our experience, authority, passion and wit to produce a lively and insightful keynote presentation that gets your audience to think differently and take away key messages that stand the test of time.

A speaking engagement with our team is a window into what makes the industry elite tick, as we share our knowledge, tips and traps amassed over decades at the coalface. We have transformed the mindsets of thousands of professional’s across Australasia through our training sessions, presentations and events.

Our team is versatile and adaptable. We can talk with authority on any given issue, point of interest or challenge, delivering a powerful and compelling tailor-made message to an audience of any size.

Our presentations are jam-packed full of practical tips and simple tools to empower people to take action. And, importantly, we keep it ‘real’, sharing personal anecdotes that strike a chord with our audience, enrich the learning experience and have enormous impact.

Let us add that extra touch to your next event, whether it be a professional development day, business building seminar, retreat, convention or an advice academy.

“Kim is a very articulate speaker, with a very casual-light style of speaking that keeps the attention of her audience. In each state she was unanimously rated as the best speaker that presented to our people.”

Paul Riegelhuth |Director, SYNCHRON (sadly now passed).

“Having sat through numerous presentations over the past 10 years from business coaches, motivational speakers, industry experts and successful business owners across various industries, I can honestly say Kim is one of the few speakers that has engaged me enough to believe that she could add significant value to our business.”

Jonathan Rooney | Director, THE STRUCTURED GROUP

Workshops and Training

There is strength in numbers, and group settings are a great way of getting a message to the masses and leveraging the collective brainpower of your team.

Imagine what your business can achieve in a formalised coming-together-of-minds, and how, with the right leadership, you can transform your team into a slick, results-oriented machine.

Our workshops, facilitation, training and development programs are delivered in groups, big or small, and are outcome driven.

You decide what results you need and let us take care of the rest. We will tailor a program over a half day, full day, several days, weeks or months that will be bang-on brief and get results.

Collaboration is a great facilitator of team building and innovation. It also encourages networking and delivers a much-valued morale boost. We create an interactive forum for sharing ideas by bringing together a melting pot of experiences and divergent voices.

At the end of our group sessions, your team will leave energised, inspired and ready to take on the world. They will also take back to their desk a ‘goodie bag’ full of tools, templates and cheat sheets to reinforce the practical applications learnt so they can hit the ground running.

Follow up sessions, webinars and ongoing support can be included in your program to drive even greater results and keep your team focused.

“Thank you all so much for your assistance with our Partner Plus programme. Obviously this was a very important initiative for us and choosing the right consulting partner was crucial to its success. At the outset, our business objectives were well understood, we were kept informed every step of the way and, finally, the workshops were extremely well facilitated. The feedback we have received from our members has been outstanding.”

Dennis D’Angelo | National Commercial & Sales Manager, CHOICE AGGREGATION SERVICES

Business Consulting

This is our signature full-service solution for advice professionals who need to give their business a Rolls Royce makeover and don’t necessarily know where to start. Sometimes to truly appreciate what is constricting your business on the inside you need an outside force, equipped with proven industry experience and specialist know-how, to strip your business to its core, analyse how it functions and build a roadmap for improvement.

Our team of experts will dissect the anatomy of your business, screen its vital organs and weed out any tumours. We will then institute remedial solutions, strategies, procedures and systems – to give your business a clean bill of health and drive optimum performance outcomes.

We use this formula because our years’ of experience shows time and again that problem solving and success are contingent upon putting the right parameters in place; core operating frameworks that guide what you do, and sound methodologies for getting it done.

Our consulting projects are based on implementing real, practical solutions that will continue to drive performance improvements long after we are gone.

Virtual Practice Management

How can you drive macro results for your business when too often your time and resources are consumed micro-managing your people? Outsource your training and development arm and take the inside lead on growing and strengthening your business with our tailored coaching solutions.

We have a two-fold approach to boosting your licensee or aggregation business. We can ‘coach the coach’ and work directly with your business development team, providing them with a new set of powerful, up-to-date practice management skills and know-how. Or we can become your practice-manager-by-proxy, setting up a ‘virtual’ coaching office to spearhead your training and development regime. It will have the look and feel of your business, without the headaches of doing it yourself.

Our solutions are custom designed to meet your needs. We can be a fly on the wall at team meetings, helping your coaches problem solve, and provide practical tips for up-skilling and re-skilling your team. We can also take ownership of your entire coaching program, whether it be running a mini initiative or establishing a comprehensive ‘learning academy’.

You may have already have a team of stellar business developers, but with a top coach consolidating their value, imagine how many more goals they could kick

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