Skills Goodie Bag


Normally $997. For a limited time only $270 (+gst)

Revolutionize the way your business engages its clients literally overnight with 65 tools and templates every financial advice business needs.

The Skills Goodie Bag is a collection of 65 professional and easily customisable templates, scripts, letters, contracts and tools specifically designed to make you running your financial advice business easier, stress-free and more profitable.

It’s designed to help you streamline the way you engage with your clients – marketing and initial contact right through to managing the relationship on an ongoing basis and eliciting referrals.

If you get your customer engagement right, you’ll get more clients, they’ll stay with you long term, they’ll pay you well, and they’ll refer you.

That’s the formula for a successful business!

By using the Skills Goodie Bag you will:

  • Eliminate internal inefficiencies and productivity will skyrocket.
  • Free up valuable time and resources to focus on clients and grow your business.
  • Impress prospects and steal them away from your competition.
  • Build client loyalty, which leads to more referrals.
  • Become a leader for customer service and professionalism.
  • Be able to attract the best clients and charge more for your services
  • Drastically increase the value of your business!

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