“Kim changed my life!

Extremely useful information that can be implemented immediately.”

~ Fortnum Private Wealth Conference ~

Re-thinking what’s possible.

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A moving experience.

If you’re going to invest valuable time and money into developing your people, you want it to be a totally worthwhile experience for all.

I’ll get your audience thinking deep, their bellies laughing, and a powerful message etched in their brain… so powerful that it inspires action long after the curtains are drawn.

Having transformed many an advice professional at speaking gigs over the years, I know the real value of any session is the difference it makes in someone’s life down the track.

I do it by sharing decades of invaluable experience and sprinkle it with a light, casual presentation style to get even the most seasoned industry pro re-imagining what’s possible.

I’d love to be considered to speak at your next event, conference, PD Day, summit, or symposium… or whatever forum you’re running.

My secret sauce.

A huge serve of

When people are energised, they learn more and take courageous action.

A pouring of engagement.

Catching and keeping people's attention makes messages stick and impact felt.

A big dose of

Serious business is more rewarding with belly-aching laughter and a smile on your face.

Kim is a very articulate speaker, with a very casual-light style of speaking that keeps the attention of her audience. In each state she was unanimously rated as the best speaker that presented to our people.

— Paul Riegelhuth [Director @ Synchron (sadly now passed)]

Some valuable topics.

Here’s a sample of topics that audiences found valuable.

They can be done in person or virtual and delivered as a keynote presentation, breakout session, practical workshop, virtual training, or webinar.

Depending on how deep you want to go and the impact you want to make, they can range from 45 minutes to multiple days (with breaks of course).

If I added all the presentations I’ve ever delivered, you’d be here forever.

However, if your mission is to grow, inspire and help your people be more valuable(and build more valuable advice businesses), we should chat.


A craveable client experience is your competitive advantage

How you make people feel, when you do what do, is a deal breaker.

Humans crave connection. They want meaningful relationships, not just technical expertise, quality, and price. Yes, they want this, and they want more. These days, clients also expect an experience that's effortless, engaging, and enjoyable.

Creating an immersive and interactive experience for your clients is a must-have strategy for success. If you don't, someone else will.

A perfect fit for:

Professional services businesses and teams who want to better serve, engage and work with humans.

Key learnings:

  • What clients crave today
  • How to be un-forgettable
  • The small stuff to sweat
  • Ways to out-service and stand out
  • Clever ideas from other industries


Rethinking the value of advice

People find the time and money for things they value.

The best advice businesses know this and embrace it. Rather than stick with tradition, they are curious about what's valuable and what's not. They get inside people's minds and develop a framework to create, capture, and deliver value consistently.

Clients need you more than ever. Be the value they want to buy.

A perfect fit for:

Financial services professionals and businesses who want to be more valuable. To make money, have an impact, and live happily ever after.

Key learnings

  • Creating a value mindset
  • What people buy and you sell
  • Pursuing value in today's world
  • Showcasing value to humans
  • A framework for rethinking value


Communicate to grow relationships

Communication is the essence of meaningful, long-lasting relationships

Being technically savvy is only half the story. It's also about communicating with people in a meaningful way, so they feel seen, heard, and understood.

Confidently communicating is more than the words you use. It's a full-body experience that involves making sense of what's said, what's not and uncovering the real meaning of a message. It involves capturing both sides of the brain, telling stories, and ensuring mutual understanding.

If handled with care, communicating unites humans and creates unbreakable bonds.

Communicating effectively is a superpower for growing your relationships.

A perfect fit for:

Professionals who want to up the ante with how they communicate, connect and converse with humans to deepen relationships.

Key learnings:

  • Designing communication for understanding
  • Taking conversations to more meaningful depths
  • Asking insightful questions that strike real connection
  • Exploring the hidden meaning and finding opportunities
  • Using communications to showcase value

BONUS: communicating more effectively is a valuable skill for life, not limited to work.

"Outstanding and entirely on the mark. Great
energy! Great ideas! Very funny. Great choice
of presenter"

— The Alpha Group Conference | Keynote Presentation: The Best Marketers Win!

“Kim delivered a brilliant and highly motivating presentation which for me was the standout session of the Lifespan conference.”

“Kim delivered a brilliant and highly motivating presentation which for me was the standout session of the Lifespan conference in Hobart last week followed by a wonderful panel discussion with Lucy, Daniel and Dione which led to some exciting conversations for several days after. Love your work Kiim = you ROCK!”
Michael Gershkov | National Practice Manager | Lifespan Financial Planning”


“At our recent conference, Kim’s sessions were the two highest rated sessions and advisers have asked for further masterclass workshops with Kim.

Kim is a passionate and vibrant presenter. I also love how versatile and adaptable Kim is as a speaker and how she takes the time to listen to our requirements and then tailors her presentation to ensure the delivery is spot on. This is rare and very much appreciated!”
Simone Munro | Head of Professional Development | Fortnum Private Wealth Ltd


“Kim changed my life! All of Kim’s sessions were spectacular. Extremely useful information that can be implemented immediately. “

“Kim is a dynamic and funny speaker who can convey to the audience a large number of practical ideas that a services firm can implement quickly and easily.”
Fortnum Private Wealth Conference | Presentation: Creating a fantastic value proposition and client experience


“In each State she was unanimously rated as the best speaker that presented to our people.”

Our total audience that she addressed was just over 200 of our Authorised Representatives. She is very articulate speaker, with a very casual light style of speaking that keeps the attention of her audience.”
Synchron Professional Development Days Paul Riegelhuth | Director


“Kim is one of the few speakers that has engaged me enough to believe that she could add significant value to our business.”

“Having sat through numerous presentations over the past 10 years from business coaches, motivational speakers, industry experts and successful business owners across various industries, I can honestly say Kim is one of the few speakers that has engaged me enough to believe that she could add significant value to our business.”
Jonathan Rooney |Director |The Structured Group


“I was so impressed by Kim’s engaging and impactful presentation, I knew I had to get her working with our team.”

Rebecca Hanifin Financial Spectrum | Head of Marketing Presentation: Building and army of fans

“I’m almost speechless. You’re the first person in 10 years that I’ve me that actually gets all of it, not just a few unrelated bits of it.”

“I attended a Choice event yesterday for their up and coming achievers in WA, and it was run by Kim Payne of 9rok Consulting….I gotta tell you, I honestly believe Kim would have a hugely positive influence on everyone in our organisation (old farts included) and I reckon our people would benefit most from her executable experience derived from all over our industry and others.

You’re the first person in 10 years that I’ve me that actually gets all of it, not just a few unrelated bits of it.

I’m …..almost…..speechless.”
Tom Brazier | Business Relationship Manager | Adelaide Bank


“The audience loved Kim’s presentation from start to finish. They still refer back to some of her nuggets months after. A simple but powerful message delivered with passion and enthusiasm – perfect!”

Peter McCarthy |Founder / Director | My Prosperity Presentation: How Accountants and advisers can embrace emerging opportunities and capitalise on the value they provide.

“Outstanding and entirely on the mark. Great energy! Great ideas! Very funny. Great choice of presenter.”

“Passionate and gave some real takeaways to try Fantastic exuberance Loved Kim and shared some really useful tipsAmazing, very punchy & inspiringFull of energy, informative, great session. Great content
The Alpha Group Conference | Keynote Presentation: The Best Marketers Win!


“Best session, got a lot out of this one. Very professional.Very dynamic speaker.”

Suncorp Financial Planning PD Day Keynote Presentation: Discover How to use Value as a Powerful Growth Tool

“We valued your professional approach to help understand our context and design such a high quality and energising session.”

Keynote Presentation: Why learning is smart business MLC Staff Learning Conference

“Kim fostered a high degree of energy and engagement between the participants and smoothly transitioned the sessions between the various presenters.”

“Kim was engaged to MC our 2017 National Conference in Queensland. We found her well prepared and highly professional. I have no hesitation in recommending her for similar engagements.”
Matthew Cassidy | Managing Director | Partners Wealth Group


“The feedback we have received from our members has been outstanding. From our very first meeting, through to the delivery of our programme workshops, we knew we made the right choice.”

“At the outset, our business objectives were well understood, we were kept informed every step of the way and finally, the workshops were extremely well facilitated. ”
Partner Plus Programme | Choice Aggregation Services Dennis D'Angelo National Commercial & Sales Manager


“Very passionate, committed, articulate, great messages. Great speaker – very valuable things to consider, not only to ‘price’ effectively, but to grow your business.”

“Very informative and well presented. Very articulate. Speaks with clarity. Thought provoking topic – excellent. Colleague feedback very positive. Excellent presentation! A different way of assessing price. Loved this session! Using real life examples was great to enforce understanding of subject. Extremely motivating, inspiring. Telling ‘stories’ with the presentation made it relative and interesting. Very good content that was useful. Very enjoyable, a way forward in a concise and structured way. Thanks for this. Top notch and very useful. Definitely gives you a lot to think about.”
NAB Financial Planning Professional Development Day - Presentation title: Comfortable Pricing


“Brilliant presentation. All attendees thoroughly enjoyed the session.”

“A massive thank you to you, for your brilliant presentation and your commitment and energy that you put into my event, it is greatly appreciated and all attendees thoroughly enjoyed the session. I love your passion and work ethic and hope that we can work more in the future together.”
Kirrily Stevens | Business Development Manager | Zurich Financial Services Zurich Leading Ladies Forum – “A recipe for Success – The seven key ingredients to building a successful business.”


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