An Investment In Your Freedom

We Do For You What You Do For Your Clients

Help you live a better life

If being in business has you feeling more like an inmate at Alcatraz than king of your kingdom, we hear you.

9rok Consulting is here to unshackle the chains holding you back and set you free.

We work exclusively with advice businesses, recognising that sometimes even the best need to reach out and get a helping hand. This includes financial advisers (or planners), accountants, mortgage brokers, risk specialists, stockbrokers, licensees, banks and aggregators.

We do our best work if you are experiencing any of these frustrations:

  • Control is in the hands of your business, not you
  • Time is working against you
  • Profit is less than ideal
  • Growth has plateaued, slowed or stopped
  • Results are not showing for the hard yards invested
  • Your mojo is wavering
  • Knowing what to do next alludes you

Think of us as the freedom fighters, a specialist army here to liberate advice professionals from the unending burdens limiting your business potential – and your lifestyle.

We will vanquish your enemies – the inefficiencies, indecision and operational roadblocks holding you captive – and set you FREE, armed with a precious artillery: time, money and, most importantly, choice.

Some professionals see running a business as the ultimate circuit-breaker for a 9-to-5 job, where it’s all “yes sir”, lots of work, little reward, and zero autonomy. They envisage a flexible lifestyle, empowering opportunities, industry kudos and bags of money.

But the reality can be crushing: 80-hour weeks, no down time, and no capacity to really make it. Instead, they are slave to an insatiable beast that holds them captive and, despite feeding it around the clock, never quite delivers the golden egg.

Enter 9rok Consulting. We will tame that beast, free you from its clutches and teach you how to become the master of your own destiny.

What is your freedom worth?

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