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Don’t let little things ruin the experience of doing business with you [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (just under 3 minutes) with a practical idea to help your business grow. 

I’ve also included the written version if you prefer to read it.  

Give it a go – and make every minute count!  

Today’s video reminds us that it’s the little things that you do (or don’t do) that can have a big impact on how your clients experience you 


Let me ask, do you just get so frustrated when you go to a cafe and you order toast and you get this beautiful serve of toast and then you get rock solid frozen butter on the side.  

So when you go to try and spread the butter, it actually gobbles up your toast and whalla! the whole experience has just been completely destroyed…and that delicious breakfast or snack that you were going to have has now been ruined by the fact that they didn’t do something as simple as warm the butter or… buy spreadable butter.  

I know this is a teeny tiny little first world problem.  

The reason I’m raising it is, how many areas in your business when clients are dealing with you they come across these little ‘eeeks’ to the experience that really if you changed it just a little bit, you know warming the butter or buying spreadable butter, it can’t be that big a deal I would have thought.  

But what are the things that you can be doing in your business so that clients don’t have that same eerrrr’ experience when they’re doing business with you.  

So think about all of the things that you’ve got to get them to do, the things that they’ve got to do at home, little things like finding details around information that you need, locating policy numbers or locating phone numbers or locating old statements seriously frustrating!  

What could you do to make that process far easier?  

Completing application forms, I mean this one’s a really big one whether it’s account opening forms, whether it’s insurance applications whatever it might be.  

Whether it’s hard copy or online, it’s really frustrating.  

So what could you do to make that process far easier for the client so they don’t go pulling their hair out and thinking “oh my goodness” this is just getting into the too hard basket.  

Think about even when it’s coming to get to see you in your office or maybe it’s something that they’ve got to do afterwards and they’re just stuck.  

Or you tell them to go and for instance see a lawyer or a solicitor to get their Wills done.  

But that’s like a thorn in their side.  

So, what could you do again to make that process easier?  

Could you actually arrange that appointment with the lawyer?  

Could you get them in touch with each other?  

I just want this to be a really good chance to sit back and look at everything that you do from when they first jump onto your website or check you out online right through to when they’re a client on an ongoing basis 

And where can you ‘warm their butter’ so that that experience, even a teeny tiny little one, is going to be smoothed over and it’s going to make doing business with you far more easy and then they can just enjoy the experience and of course reap all of those incredible benefits that you provide.  

So, don’t lose a client because of not ‘warming the butter’.  

Anyway, whatever you do with that, Make It Count.  


One thought on “Don’t let little things ruin the experience of doing business with you [VIDEO]”

  1. Thank you Kim, wonderful idea. We do try already, but this message reminds us to try a little harder.

    CRA Dream Team

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