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Hiding success in your best kept secrets

How many amazing secrets are you keeping that could be the lynch pin to helping clients better understand why they need you?

In my work I do hundreds of role plays with advisers asking them to spell out why a client would want to work with them. Only when I start prodding and probing do I really start to hear the inspiring responses that make me sit up, pay attention and want to take action.

I know what questions to ask to get an adviser to say what I need to hear, it’s my job. The problem is, clients don’t know. It is your role to enlighten them and to answer questions they never thought to ask.  When you do this well you can see their light switch on and almost feel them reach an ‘ah-ha’ moment. This is when you know you are nailing it.

So, how do you do it?  One of the easiest ways is to think about all the advice related questions your clients would typically ask as well as the questions they should be asking, given their circumstances.  (The clearer you are on the specific client group or target market, the easier this is). This gives you the best ammunition to craft an awesome response and to show them that you understand them and their needs almost better than they do.  It does wonders for your credibility.

In a recent role play with a risk specialist I asked “why would I come to you for advice when I could do it myself on the internet?” (There is certainly no shortage of ads promoting the DIY insurance option.) Interestingly, this adviser had not considered this angle as no one had directly asked him that question before (even though they may have thought it).  We dug deep into the ‘ideal response’ and were able to capture the enormous benefits to a client of using an adviser versus the internet DIY option. This provided the adviser with another bullet proof and convincing story to use and boosted his confidence ready for his next prospective client. His comment to me was “I never thought of that before” yet he felt the exercise was priceless.

How many other unanswered questions and opportunities are you letting walk out the door?

There are a few morals to this story:

1. Just because a client doesn’t ask a question, does not mean they are not thinking about it.  Have you not spoken up about something before?

2. Don’t let the ‘tyre kickers’ get away with it. Ever heard of a client who gets advice from an adviser (usually at no cost – that’s another story) then trots off and does it themselves? Whose fault is this?

3. Clients don’t know what they don’t know.  But you do. So make it easy for them and lay all the cards on the table.  Help them walk away with that ‘wow’ feeling and thinking they can’t do it without you.

4. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and think about all the advice related questions they would be or should be asking.

5. Finally, make sure you have a compelling library of examples, stories, case studies, testimonials, analogies and personal experiences to address all the asked and potentially unasked questions.

Your success could be hidden in your best kept secrets.


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