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How outsourcing could help grow your advice business [VIDEO]

Today’s video is a sneak peek into some of the activities that you could get an outsourced staff member to complete which could save you time, money and resources – and help grow your business. 

Iyou prefer to read it … see below. 

And if you would like to know more about Danielle’s outsourcing business, 5Elk check out her website at to see how outsourcing could potentially support your business.  


Kim: Are there any of you out there who have thought about outsourcing or heard about it, but thought it’s not for me?  

Well, I’ve got Danielle Cornelissen, the founder of 5Elk, who does exactly this 

She’s the guru with all things outsourcing, to explain three reasons why outsourcing could be a really good option for you to consider.  

So, what do you think, from your experience, has been the main benefits to businesses that have gone down this path to date? 

Danielle: So outsourcing’s really great for businesses that want to grow, so they need to scale and leverage quickly.  

The other thing is looking at how you’re spending your resources, and getting a better use of it, so that all tasks are done at the lowest level possible within your business. 

And thirdly, Kim, I’d have to say, increase your bottom line.  

Like at the end of the day, we don’t go into business to break even.  

So, that’s where outsourcing can really help from that perspective. 

Kim: And just on that note, because I know a lot of people that I’ve talked to about it have said, “Well, yeah, but what sort of activities would someone who’s not sitting in my office be able to do?” 

Could you just give us a couple of examples where you’ve found that’s just been a treat by having outsourced staff? 

Danielle: To be honest, you can shape the role however you want it.  

Anything that’s not client-facing can be done by an outsourced team member.  

But all your data entry, all your product research, all your preparing application forms, following up from an implementation perspective. 

They’re all really time-consuming tasks, and often, if you get bogged down, they get pushed to the side.  

So, even from a compliance perspective, your FDS reporting and things like that, all that, it’s really time-critical.  

So, now more than ever, you can’t use the excuse that we didn’t have time within the business to do it.  

And that’s where outsourcing can really help. 

Kim: Great.  

So, there’s just a teeny tiny snippet.  

If you want more information, I’ll pop Danielle’s details below, and you can either jump onto her website or find out more by getting in touch, to see if this something that could work for you and really help you grow your business.  

Because after all, You are a Valuable Adviser. 



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