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How to combat Value Fatigue [VIDEO]

Do you think you could be suffering from a little bit of value fatigue?  

So I’m calling it value fatigue, it’s kind of that feeling like what most of us are experiencing now from lockdowns?  

Well, I’m Melbourne, so where we’ve just hit 262 days of lockdown, we get out tomorrow, Friday or depending on when you’re watching this, we are out or we’re just about to get out.  

But as much as there’s excitement about that, there is this real flatness that is kind of like a hangover, that’s hovering over us. 

It’s like this heavy weight.  

And I’m noticing that this kind of fatigue, and this ‘blah’ is translating into how valuable a lot of advisers are feeling at the moment.  

This week, I’ve had two very interesting conversations with two super smart, like these are brilliant, brilliant advisers that do incredible work, and seriously change clients lives, both questioning their value. 

Both saying, you know, they change decent fees but they’re wondering, if it’s really worth it? 

They’re wondering if the client is going to turn around at some point and go, you know what, I’m paying all this money, and I’ve got no idea what the value is that I’m actually receiving in return?”  

The clients are not asking it, it’s the adviser that’s questioning it themselves.  

So this getting out of lockdown and getting into freedom, even for those states who have been free the whole time, what a great chance to really reflect on what is the value that you are providing to your clients?  

You know, what are some of the differences that you’ve made in people’s lives over the last six to twelve months? 

Whether it’s on a personal note, whether it’s just been giving them some re-assurance, whether it has been to literally increase the amount of money that they’ve got in their bank account. 

Maybe just to make them feel like they’re in a better position emotionally or financially than they were, say, six to twelve months ago. 

But reflect on those differences.  

Because that does wonders for helping you get past this value fatigue. 

Because we’re going to go into a very, very exciting new world coming up.  

And yes, you have been extremely important and valuable in your clients lives over the past two years during the pandemic, (the pandemic is not over of course). 

But this is another phase, an exciting phase.  

This is the phase around what is possible?  

What could I be doing with these newfound freedoms?  

And a lot of these things are going to cost money, even just going back to restaurants, it costs money. 

Going and getting your hair or your nails done, thank god, I don’t have to be doing them myself.  

These things cost money, so there will be this, (I believe) this new invigoration for people to get out there and they will be spending more money and there’s never been another better time to have you on board.  

So looking to some of that excitement, looking to really understand and have the conviction in the value that you deliver.  

Because it’s going to be called upon even more so and you need to believe it first.  

Because after all, You are Valuable. 


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