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How to silence your inner critic and deliver more value [PODCAST]


She invited me to share my thoughts on how to overcome imposter syndrome, silence your inner-critic and deliver more value.

We unpacked how you can realise the true value delivered through your podcast and how you can articulate this to others and feel more like yourself and less like an imposter on your own show.

What Danielle hears all the time from her clients at Oh My Pod is what often holds people back from launching or growing their podcast is a feeling of ‘what do I have to contribute?’ or not feeling like an expert of their own domain.

Their inner critics fire up and stop them from getting more of their value out into the world.

This is not limited to podcasting. I see this all the time with the clever professionals I coach.

And it does not have to be this way.

Here’s to you being more Valuable!

Listen to this fun, insightful conversation on your favourite podcast platform:


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