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It’s all about how you make me feel

You have heard the saying, “people forget what you say, people forget what you do, but people do not forget how you make them feel”. This is so powerful yet so often neglected.

The best businesses I see each day are those that design their processes around the client experience. They actually consider how the client will feel before they do anything. As a client, it is a pleasant surprise and one that makes you consider that business ahead of the rest. It may seem like a small thing – however it is extremely powerful in helping you stand out from the crowd.

I recently engaged the services of another professional (that was referred to me) to help me do some stuff in my business that I can’t do myself. My experience in dealing with them is one that I would like to forget. The expectations of our engagement were not outlined up front, communication during the process was limited and always instigated by me, promises of delivery were constantly broken and fee increases over and above that outlined in the initial proposal were not communicated… until I received the invoice. This is a prime example of a business that did not stop to consider how I would be feeling at each stage of the process. Needless to say – there will be no future engagements and certainly no referrals coming from me.

What did I learn from this experience?

Before you do anything, stop and think about how it will make the client feel…and if you can improve their experience and make them feel great, with the same or a better outcome, then do it. It can be a game changer!


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