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One way to make things simpler [VIDEO]

Do you feel like things are just getting harder?  

There’s so much more on your plate, your dance card is already full.  

And your to do list, there’s no more bandwidth to add another single thing? 

Well, you’re not alone, right.  

Because we seem to have put so much into our worlds, into our work, and into our life that there is no breathing space 

I’m in Melbourne, so we’ve just gone back into a snap lockdown.  

And boy oh boy, has it made me realishow full life got so quickly, off the back of lockdowns last year and getting back to normality and swearing that I would never pack as much in a day as I do.  

We reverted back to that.  

So going back into this snap lockdown has been a great reminder of wow, yeah, what are those things that I took out of my life and out of my work that actually made things better?   

And Tim Ferriss wrote an e-book a little while ago, and it was about the 17 things that changed his life

And one of them was he looked at what could I actually subtractwhat could I remove, that could solve the problems that I’m actually trying to solve?  

And it’s such a beautiful reflection on it’s not about adding more or doing more or working longer. 

It’s about doing it all more efficiently or doing it all in a way that makes the result that much better.  

And sometimes that means taking more out.  

So I’ve been listening to a whole lot of podcasts lately by this guy, Greg McKeown and he wrote a book a little while ago called Essentialism. 

Great book about the pursuit of being more fulfilled by doing less.  

This book, (Effortless), he takes it to the next level (I haven’t read it, it’s in my hot little hands, it only just arrived) 

And this is about in your pursuit of doing the things that really matter and taking out the stuff that doesn’t, how can you then make them more effortless?  

So rather than putting all this extra time and energy and effort into doing it?  

What are the steps or the framework or the process to make it effortless?  

And one of the first things is having a look at what can I remove?   

So even in your work, what are some things that you’re doing, maybe you’ve just been doing them out of legacy, you’ve been doing them for so long you don’t realisthat you could take out  

Is there an email that you’re adding into the process that you don’t need to add?  

Is there an attachment that you’re providing that really, you don’t need to add any more? 

Maybe there’s a step in a process that no longer is serving the purpose that it once served.  

But where can you take things out, make life a little bit more simpler, make everything a little bit easier?  

And boy, oh, boy, like I said, I’ve got that big you know, epiphany, given we’ve gone into another lockdown, having a look at what we can take outnice reminder.  

But what could you do in every day, in your work, in your life, to make things a lot more effortless and make it so that it ends up being more fulfilling?  

Anyway, I thought that could be quite useful for you, for your clients, for your business because after all, You are Valuable!


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