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In today’s video I look at an easy way to help clients understand the real value you bring to the table and the underlying benefits you are delivering. 


One of the greatest things that you do as an Adviser, is you help people become who they want to be.  

You help take them on a journey from where they are today to a place that looks a lot better, kind of like they say ‘the grass is greener’ but it’s only greener when you water it.

And you actually help them water it.

So, in any of your marketing communication (or) when you’re having conversations with a client, it’s really important that you help them understand, and that you understand as well, who it is that they want to be or where it is that they want to get to.

And make that and paint that picture really clearly, because that’s the kind of stuff that’s going to put me into action and make me do something.

Like it’s no surprise that when you say look at weight loss adverts or things for personal training when they’re promoting the gym, they always show the after state.  

So, what you could look like after you come on our program, or joined our gym, or whatever it might be.

And yet in financial advice, we don’t do this enough.

So even in your website copy, you know talk to me about what my life could look like without money worries, without the stress, without the frustration and the complexity, and the things that I’m dealing with today.

Like imagine what life could be like if that’s how I could live it. 

Paint that picture really clearly, like I said in your marketing, in your conversations, it will do wonders for helping clients understand what this whole relationship, that you have with them, is really all about. 

So whatever you do with that, Make It Count.


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