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The one thing most people want to know [VIDEO]

Oprah Winfrey has interviewed thousands and thousands of people.  

So by 2011, she interviewed over 37,000 people.  

So obviously, she’s done a whole lot more since then.  

And she was asked, “what is the one thing that was common about all the interviews?” 

And this ranged anywhere from Barack Obama to President Bush to Beyonce and Michael Jackson. 

It didn’t matter who they were or what they were doing.  

The one thing that she said that they all shared was that at the end of the interviews, when the camera stopped in the microphones were turned off, every single one of them, without fail, in some way shape or form said, “was that okay?”  

“Will that do? Did I do okay? Was it all right?”  

And so when she was reflecting back on this, and she shared some of these insights in an interview she did in 2020, where she was being interviewed.  

And she said, it was so fascinating, because it shows how people want to be seen and heard.  

And so she now makes it a practice in anything she’s doing to give people that validation that they are seen and heard, and to let them know that yeah, they are okay, and yes, whatever they’ve done or are doing is okay(assuming it is). 

And I thought what a great message because we are all human.  

And it is something that we all want to know we want to know… that we are okay that we’re doing okay.  

And I guess that’s the whole point of the R U OK movement. 

Although I know that’s more specific, but just a beautiful reminder, in checking in with people and finding out if they’re okay.   

And in particular, your clients.  

Because even though they might be doing really well say in their financial world, or the world that you look after with them, it doesn’t mean that they’re doing okay, outside of that.  

And if anyone’s feeling a bit vulnerable in any of the main areas of their life, and those three key areas are their health, their wealth and their relationships.   

If any of those are a bit out of whack, it impacts how they feel and how confident they are about those other areas.   

So even though the work you might be doing with them looks like it’s all swimmingly and going really fine, they might be suffering or vulnerable or concerned in other areas.   

So asking, “are they okay?” in other areas of their life as well could certainly be valuable.   

And after all, You are Valuable!


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