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The role of value and cost (and wine) [VIDEO]

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I’ve got a really important question to ask you.

Let’s say you bought a bottle of wine for $20, ten years ago.  

And if you bought that same bottle today, you’d have to pay $200.  

So basically, the wine that you bought ten years ago for $20 is now $200 worth.  

If you drink that wine tonight, are you drinking a $200 bottle of wine or a $20 bottle of wine?  

So this is a question that I asked in a survey recently, because I’m writing a book on ‘Value and how value impacts people’s decisions and impacts their life really overall.   

And interestingly enough, so far, I’ve had 240 people respond, and you want to know what they answered to that question?  


  • 74% of people said that they were drinking a $200 bottle of wine, while 
  • 26% said that they were drinking a $20 bottle of wine.  

So who’s right?  

Well, actually everyone and no one, because it’s completely subjective, it’s completely up to your own perspective of what value is.   

So if you think it’s worth $20, it’s worth $20.   

If you think it was worth $200, then it’s worth $200.  

And none of these even takes into consideration what the wine actually tasted like.   

So the reason I’m asking a lot of these questions is I’m looking at how people assess value.  

And what I’m finding is that the way we come up with what we value and what we don’t, with one thing can be very different to how we assess and evaluate it on another.  

So really, the underlying theme that’s coming out is if you’re doing work with a client, or you’re engaging a new client, then you need to ask. 

Because value is very personal, it‘s very subjective and very much open to people’s perspectives.   

The only way you’re ever going to really know is to ask them. 

Get their input, seek their feedback, and hear from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, what they think.  

So is it $20, is it $200?   

That is completely yours, you are right, and you are wrong.   

So if you are drinking it tonight, enjoy it.  

And if you’re not, and you’re saving up and you get that $200 then hey, go and spend it on something you enjoy more than drinking that bottle of wine.  

If you haven’t had a chance to answer the survey, then I’d love you to do it just clicking the link below.  

It’s still open and I would be delighted to hear what you think there’s questions like that.  

There’s also some more serious, important questions.   

But there’s also a couple of fun ones about how you value wine and how you value cars etc, etc.  

Love you do it if you haven’t already, because after all, You are Valuable! 

**Click here to complete the quick, fun survey on VALUE.*


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