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The value of your expert reassurance [VIDEO]

A little while back, I had this really horrendous headache and it kind of lasted a couple of days and it was worse than normal.  

don’t get migraines so I knew that it was something out of the ordinary.  

And of course, I googled it and Google led me down the path of something really ugly and sinister and terminal.  

So in the meantime, my husband had said to me, “hey babe, don’t you just think you’re dehydrated, why don’t you drink more water?”   

I’m like, “ahh, what would you know?”  

So I took myself off to the doctor, the doctor did some tests and after reassuring me that I was going to be okay, I was going to live, it wasn’t sinister. 

I was just dehydrated and I needed to drink more water.  

The funny thing is that those same words came out of my beautiful husband’s mouth did not have nearly the bearing or the weight as those same words coming out of that professional doctorthe expert’s mouth. 

And I thought it’s so similar in financial advice, one of the biggest pieces of value that you can bring to someone’s table is that reassurance. 

The reassurance that it’s going to be okay.  

Or the reassurance that yes, this is the best thing for you to be doing right now with what you’ve got.   

But it’s such an important piece of what you do, and helping clients understand that, and reminding [them], and you know, throwing in the odd story, like I’ve just shared about those words coming out of my husband’s mouth versus a medically trained professional, and the difference that makes it certainly makes all the difference 

And I thought, what a great thing for you to throw into your repertoire if you’re not doing it already, but make sure that reassurance is a part of what you help them explain and understand, as the value that you bring to the table in any relationship that you’ve got with your clients.  

I thought it was really useful.  

Certainly one very true to my heart.  

And after all, You are Valuable


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