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Why your online presence matters [VIDEO]

Do you ever find sometimes that what your mind wants to do and what your body can keep up with, are not the same thing?  

So I play baseball, and I was running to first base just recently and running really fast because I was trying to beat the ball there.  

And I did beat the ball there… but I also got an injury and I knew straight away.  

So without giving you all the gruesome, grimey’s around the details, I injured my upper thigh and groin area.  

Okay, not very nice, it didn’t feel very good either.  

But I needed to go and see a physio.  

Now, I don’t have a physio, I don’t even know a physio.  

And I don’t even know anyone that has one in my friendship circle.  

I set out to Google and to try and find a physio that I could get to attend to this injury as soon as possible.  

And quite sensitive, it’s quite a sensitive area, so a conversation that, I was a little bit uncomfortable about having and knowing that they’d probably have to look at it, examine it, fix it, treat it, whatever it might be.  

And it really made me reflect on the process that someone goes through, to make a decision to engage someone where it is a little bit more sensitive.  

So if you are providing financial advice, and someone’s got to have a really open conversation about money with you, something that they might have with no other human on the planet, it’s kind of a big deal.  

But what was fascinating is how I eventually chose the one (physio) that I chose.  

So first of all, I started googling local physios, so those that are in my local area. 

And quite a number of them came up and I looked at them all, some of them had a really poor website 

Now I know that the quality of your website does not always reflect the quality of the work that you do, or in this case, the quality of his ‘physio-ing’.  

But it really did make me think, oh well if you haven’t even put that effort in to showcase what you’re doing and your expertise properly, I don’t know, I’m going to rule you out, right. 

I’ve got to filter somehow, so that was one of the things that ruled them out.  

Then there were some others where it was a group of physios, and it would have a picture of them all, and that was it. 

There was nothing else. 

 I didn’t know how long they’d been doing it.  

I didn’t know if they had any experience.  

I didn’t know if they had any qualifications.  

There was nothing else at all, that led me into getting to know who these people were that I was going to be inviting into a very personal conversation with me.  

Eventually, oh, and also, I checked out whether they had Google reviews or not.  

Some of them had no Google reviews, no reviews at all.  

Some of them had Google reviews, but the last one was at least three years old.  

And it was like, wow, you’re not doing a lot to showcase why I should be choosing you as my physio.  

So the one that I did choose: 

  1. Hehad a really up to-date website. 
  2. He had alovely smiley photo of him, and he looked like a nice guy. 

Ok, now I know that’s not the only choice you make.  

But like I said, it’s gonna be a personal conversation.  

So he had a beautiful, bright photo that I could see his face, and it was lovely. 

He had his credentials and his qualifications, which in this case, were important to me.  

  1. He hadup to date Google reviews, like Google reviews from even only a week ago of patients he treated and the results that he got. 

But importantly, about the experience of working with him and what it was like. 

He had photos all over his website, he had a Facebook page where I could go on and I could see videos of him treating patients, talking to patients.  

So I got to hear the lovely calmness in his voice. 

There was just so many things.  

And so based on that, oh I could also book online, whereas there are a number of other physios in my local area, I couldn’t book online. 

It was out of hours so I couldn’t even ring or find out, and there was nothing, no substance or information that gave me an idea of what it would be like.  

So anyway, I had the appointment with this guy and I ended up having two appointments.  

I was over the moon, delighted.  

He was everything that I saw online and more.  

And after my second appointment, which hopefully I’m now able to get back on the diamond and play more baseball.  

But I just felt so happy not only with the result, because the result was great.  

And the treatment was what I needed.  

But just the whole process from the beginning through to me having that second appointment, the treatment, how he cared, how he dealt with me, absolutely beautiful. 

Totally replicated everything that was online.  

And boy, oh boy, I could not write a Google review, which I only had five stars, I would have given him 500 stars if I could have but I couldn’t write it quick enough because I was so impressed. 

And also if anyone needs a good physio down in the Mordialloc area, Bay freedom physio, oh my gosh, fantastic and everything.  

The reason I’m sharing this is more that the decision process that I went through to get to the place where I chose him over all of the other physios and boy, I didn’t realise there was so many physios in the area, oh my goodness.  

So I thought it was really great to share this to say your online presence does matter. 

Letting people see and experience you and hear you, which is why video is so powerful, all of this stuff does add up.  

And in particular when someone hasn’t seen you before. 

So they haven’t experienced your goodness. 

They don’t know what your value is until after they’ve actually been and seen you or become a client, then what you’re doing upfront absolutely counts.  

And it is why I chose him.  

And it was one of the best decisions.  

Although I do hope I don’t need him again, because I don’t re-injure myself, however, if I do, I’ve got someone there that I trust, I know he cares and did an amazing job.  

And that was all because he had a stellar online profile 

And I felt like I knew him before I met him.  

So I thought that was something that you might be able to think about if it’s not something you’ve spent a lot of time doing. 

And especially after this year with everything that’s been on your plate, but maybe something to think about in 2022. 

Because after all, You are Valuable! 


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