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A clever way to prove you deliver on your promise. [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (under 2 minutes) to help your business grow.  

If you prefer to read it, keep going.  

Today’s video is a super simple yet very clever way to prove to people you deliver on your promises. I confess, it’s not my idea – but I love it (see below for where I borrowed it from).  


Here’s a tip that I just stole from someone, who stole it from someone else, her name is Cheryl Holland*, she’s an Advisor over in the States.  

And she explained that something she learned when you’re working with a new referral partner, is at the first meeting when you’ve gone through all the things that you want to cover off with them, they’ve covered off with you, and you get to the end, she says, “Make a pinkie promise and then deliver on it.”  

What she means by make a pinkie promise is, something that’s taken place throughout that meeting.  

Maybe you’ve talked about a concept or you’ve talked about a book or you’ve shared an article that you’ve read that’s been of relevance to the meeting.  

At the end of your meeting with them, say to them, “And by the way, I’ll send you the link to that book,” or, “I’ll send you the contact details of that…” whatever it might be.  

So it’s an action that you need to take to follow up with what you’ve just talked about, and it’s not just the follow-up content from the meeting. 

It’s something over and above.  

And then, when you go back to your office, do it.  

Follow up and send that link, or send that contact detail, whatever it might have been. 

Because what it’s showing is, to the person receiving it, is that you are a person of your promise, and whatever you say you’ll do, you’ll do.  

It’s only a little thing, but I thought, “Wow, that’s a really, really good idea.”  

‘Cause we normally do a follow-up email after a formal meeting like that anyway, but this is over and above, and like I said, it shows you deliver on what you say you’re going to. 

And if you’re about to get into bed and have a relationship with another business professional, you want to make sure they’re someone that delivers on their promise.  

Anyway, not my idea, but a goodie.  

I loved it.  

Whatever you do with it, Make It Count!



The podcast where I borrowed this idea from is the Becoming Referable Podcast where the hosts Julie Littlechild and Stephen Wershing interview Cheryl Holland on Process-Driven Success 

This is the section of the interview that inspired this video: 

Cheryl Holland “Then, I realized I always do this. I heard Susanne Peterson talk at the NAPFA conference.  

She’s a leadership development expert.  

She said, “Always make a pinky promise and follow up on it.”  

I’ll say, “I’ve got the best book I want you to read. I’m going to go home and send you the link from Amazon.” Or, “You know what, I just saw a white paper on that technical topic we’re both struggling on.  

Let me send you the link.”  

Always make a pinky promise, and then follow up and do it, because if people see you making a promise, and doing what you say you’re going to do, that makes all the different in the world 

Then they know that you will follow through with someone they send to you. 

It’s a must-have to be referable.”

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