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A tip to help you focus on value [VIDEO]

Have you just bought something new, maybe a car, maybe a different dog or something like that, and suddenly looked around and realised that everybody else has one too?  

My Mum got a Cavoodle not that long ago and she keeps saying to me, “Kim, everyone seems to have Cavoodles” and I said, “No Mum, the same number of people have them, it’s just that you’re now more aware of them, because you’ve now got one.”   

So this is a very common behavioural science term, there’s lots of different names for it, The yellow car phenomenon, The frequency illusion etc. 

It’s where your awareness of something is heightened, because you’ve just come into contact or just bought it, or you’ve just done it yourself.  

So how could you use this concept around your value?  

So one of the things that most professionals struggle with, is trying to explain or demonstrate the value of what they do so that they can either get more clients or do more work with existing clients.  

So given most of you probably don’t jump out of bed in the morning going, ooh, where can I look at all these opportunities to be more valuable today?  

Instead, what about if you DID do that. 

And you could actually be more aware of either where you see that you’re being valuable in someone’s life, and typically, that’s where they’ve said, “Well, that was really helpful, or whatever you just did, you know, that’s really made a difference.”  

Or maybe it’s say when you’ve gone to the shop and the way somebody’s treated you and you’ve thought, “wow, that really made me feel good”, or you’ve handed money over and gone, “I would have gladly paid more because of the value.”  

When you start to become more acutely aware of value in your everyday life.  

Because it is everywhere

It’s not just limited to your work.  

It is everywhere.   

You can’t see it, but you can feel it.  

You know when it exists.  

When you become more aware of it (value), it makes it easier when you’re trying to actually bring that to the forefront when you’re working with your clients.  

So put your value hat on.  

Look around and see that value is everywhere, be really aware of it and start to bring that more into your life, your world and then the work that you do with clients. 

It does remarkable things.  

Because after all, You are Valuable! 




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