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The easiest way to market your value [VIDEO]

Are you one of the many people that find it really eeky’ or kind of chest beating-ly arrogant to want to have to get out there and prove who you are and how good you are, just to get more clients coming through the door?  

Not that much fun is it? 

I know there’s some people that are really good at it and really comfortable.  

But I work with a lot of Advisers, who this would be one of their biggest struggles when it comes to any kind of marketing.  

So instead of trying to prove yourself, change the focus and instead try to bring out more of how you improve others  

So how the work you do let others live a better life or gives them a better quality of life.  

And if you do that through doing their financials, or helping them better manage money, or maybe you make it through, you know, giving them legal advice, or doing their auditing and tax returns, whatever it is, make the focus, how do you improve other’s lives?  

What are all the things that you do?  

And how do you bring that to the table?  

Because if you do that really well, like I said, it takes the pressure off having to prove yourself and having to get out there and just spruik how good you are.  

Because when someone else is reading or someone else is on the other end of a post or any of your marketing attempts, to be honest, I want to know what’s in it for me. 

I want to know how whatever it is that you’re doing is going to benefit me and the life that I’m living.  

So it’s win win.  

You don’t have to feel so eeky and so weird about, you know, getting out there trying to prove and chest beat, but it’s great for the clients because they get it from their perspective, and they get to understand exactly what that value is that you bring to the table without having to read through the lines.  

Because after all, You are Valuable! 







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