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Being valuable… is helping people make decisions [VIDEO]

Sometimes the difference between something working out the way you wanted it, or not, is just a matter of the decisions that you made or didn’t make 

So in life, we face a lot of decisions every single day.  

There are hundreds and thousands of decisions we need to make.  

Now some of those decisions are so small that we almost do it on autopilot, you know, brushing your teeth and having a shower and eating food etc.  

But then there are other decisions that are more important, you know, really big ones, like, what do I do with my money?  

Or should I buy that new car, or should we upgrade the house? 

So there are some really big decisions, and there are some really teeny small ones, but most decisions have some sort of financial implication or choice that needs to be made.  

And that’s where I find the real value of a financial adviser comes into play.  

Now, I’m always asking financial advisers, “what do you do?”  

How would you explain what you do?  

And I normally get quite a long winded answer that doesn’t necessarily always answer the question that I was asking.  

But when it boils down to it, one of the biggest things that I think a financial planner does is helps people make decisions with their money, big ones, or small ones, but they make decisions.  

Because as you would also be aware, when things are too complicated, or there’s too many decisions to make, as human beings, we typically then make no decisions.  

Or if there’s too much going on, there’s a phrase called decision fatigue, where our brain has literally got so much going on it just almost goes into shutdown mode and then we do nothing. 

And often, doing nothing is worse than making a decision, accepting it and moving on.   

So when it comes down to it, one of the easiest ways to partly explain all of that goodness that you bring to the table, is we help you make decisions with your money  

Now, if you want to take that to the next stage, give me the so what about that?  

‘So what,’ you helped me make decisions with my money we help you make decisions with your money so you can live a better life or a happier life or improved quality of life, or a grand life, whatever it is that fits with what you do.  

But when you can boil it down to something as simple as one of the key things we do is help you make decisions with your money, then it makes it so much easier to understand.   

And you might make decisions to do with their superannuation or their savings or their investments, etc etc.   

Or it might be around you know, where do we send our kids to school?   

Should we upgrade the car this year?   

Or should we put a pool in the backyard?  

Whatever it might be there’s still decisions need to be made that involve their money which happens every single day.  

And that’s what you can do, and you do it brilliantly.  

Anyway, I thought that would be a really easy way if you’re getting a bit stuck on how you explain some of the value that you bring to the table.  

You help people make decisions with their money so they can live a happier life.  

What ever you do with that is up to you, but always remember You are Valuable


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