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Most people take action with these 2 powerful words [VIDEO]

When you’re helping someone make a decision, and in your role as an Adviser, you’re doing that quite a lot.   

Whether it be that they proceed with you, whether it be a decision they need to make in their own life, or even what you’re doing in your own business, then when someone just tells you, “you should do this”, or “I think this is the best course of action”, then it doesn’t necessarily always help you make that decision.   

So this guy called Phil M Jones has written a book called Exactly what to say,” teeny tiny little book, really easy read 

And he talks about the phrase, “MOST PEOPLE” and when you use most people in something that you’re trying to help people make a decision on it, makes deciding easier.  

So for example, when you’re, instead of saying to a client, you need to do X, Y and Z”,  instead say what most people do in this situation is…” or when most people are making this decision, they consider a, b, and c”, whatever that might be.  

And I thought, you know what, that’s a really cool thing.  

Because typically, humans like to think that they’re like other people.   

Now, of course, you can get the outliers and think they’re completely different to everyone else and will do their own thing, just to spite what everyone else does.  

But on the whole, people want to know what others are doing.  

And when you start something with “what most people do in this situation”, or “most people when faced with X, Y, and Z”, it gives them that luxury of knowing they’re not first, which means someone else has gone before them, gone down that path, had some success, so there’s normally a surer thing that comes out of it.  

Anyway, I thought it was a really cool way that if you are having conversations with your clients, to get them out of indecision, and to get them to move forward one way or another, depending on what it is by saying most people blahwhatever that might be.  

I thought it was really cool and if you want more tips, like I said this book Exactly what to say, has some brilliant one liners or questions or words that you can use that make having a conversation and influencing someone else and giving them a hand so much easier.  

It’s up to you what you do with it, but remember, You are Valuable




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