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Build deeper relationships by showing you’re human on social media. [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (under 3 minutes) to help your business grow.  

If you prefer to read it, keep going.  

Today’s video is about how you can help build deeper relationships by showing some of your ‘human’ side on social media.   


Are you human?  

Because if you are, it’s okay to let other people realize it too, clients included.  

Because after all, if you’re letting them in and you’re asking them to share a little bit about who they are, what their dreams are, what their fears are, what their assets are, then it’s also kind of important that you share a little bit about you.  

Now I don’t mean getting in and sharing all the nitty gritty, but one of the greatest ways to show your humanness is through social media 

Now, for some of you, who might not be on social media, that’s your call.  

However, if you’re not on social media, your competitors are, and so are some of your clients.  

Even some of the ones that you think, nah, they’re too old.  

They might not be.  

They might be.  

You never know. 

But when you are on social media, how human do you get 

Well, being human is not serious, okay?  

There are times when you do some really fun things.  

For example, I was a soft-baller when I was little, and I’m obsessed with it right now and probably could get a little bit of practice in.  

But this is one of the things that I love doing.  

I’ve been trying to force my kids to do baseball, but they’re not interested.  

They want to play football and cricket and basketball.  

But that’s something that I love doing.  

Something else I love doing as well is going to the gym and doing weights.  

Well actually, I set up my garage as a home gym, so I’ve got no excuse for not doing it.  

So I get to do my weights when I want.  

And guess what?  

I’ve got no excuses.  

And being able to work out is something that’s really important for me, both physically and, importantly, mentally.  

I also love having a good box.  

You know what?  

I get there, and when I’m really needing to work out hard, and I can pretend that boxing bag is anyone or anything that gets rid of some of the excess energy I’ve got.  

And I tell you what, it’s a good workout.  

So kind of serves both purposes.  

Be careful, I love a good punch.  

One of the other things I love doing is having a cuddle and kiss with my darling husband.  

You love the camera, don’t you? 

Red lipstick… oops a daisy.  

See, we’re human.  

It’s normal. 

So if you do want to help your clients relax, you want them to know more about who you are as a human, then on your social media, show the human side.  

Don’t be afraid to let them see the things that you like doing, the things that are imperfect, what you do when you’re not working.  

All of this helps make a deeper relationship, and importantly, a human-to-human relationship, which’ll ultimately give you everything you want.  

Whatever you do with that, Make It Count.

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