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How to create meaningful communications for your clients [VIDEO]

Today’s video is simple way to help if you’re stuck for ideas when it comes to creating meaningful and valuable communications for your clients.   

Iyou prefer to read it… see below. 


Are you stuck for content? 

Meaningful communications that you can have with your client. 

So you sit down to write a blog post or do a video, maybe record a podcast and you think, fruitcakes, what am I going to say?”  

Here’s the way to get around thatdo a poll.  

And by a poll, I mean just get out there and ask your clients what is the number one thing at the moment that’s on your mind or bothering you or a concern or a bit of a thorn in your side?  

Ask them.  

You can do just a quick email, you can do a poll if you’re using social media, you could do a quick question on SurveyMonkey.  

Maybe you’ve got jot forms, type forms, gravity forms, whatever.  

Or you can just ask them next time you see them. 

But ask them what are the things that are going on in their lives today 

Something that’s bugging them or frustrating them that if they could get an answer or find out a little bit more about it, then it’s going to make everyone happier.  

Then you can create your content around what it is that’s going to really get to the heart of something that’s going to help them.  

So it gives you lots of different ideas because obviously they’re not all going to come back with the same challenge or problem or issue.  

So it gives you lots of content that’s relevant and you can then create some meaningful communication with your clients so that they really get to understand how valuable you are.  

Because after all, you are a Valuable Adviser.  


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