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How to get more business by using targeted campaigns

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You’re busy – I get it.

So, to help you out, each week I’ll share a short video (less than 2 minutes) with one practical idea you can use in your advice business today that will make a difference.

I’ve also included the written version if you prefer to read it.

Give it a go – and make every minute count!

Today’s video explores how you can get more business from your existing clients, and prospects on your database by using targeted campaigns. 

Do you want to get more of your existing clients deeper engaged, and either get more business or more referrals from them?

Why don’t you think about running a very targeted campaign?

This is where you look at one component of advice only, and help clients really understand some of the benefits that they can get from getting some advice from you or telling others why they need to get advice from you.

So you might want to run a campaign around home loans, mortgages or debt.

You might start by saying:

“Do you want to pay less interest than you are currently paying?

Do you want to pay off your loan and own your own home sooner?

Or do you want to use the equity in your house for bigger and better things?

Well then you need to come and see us.”

Of course there’ll be a lot more in it than that. (You get the drift).

But what you do is you send this email out to anyone currently on your database who has a home loan, has recently paid one off or has friends or family that might have a home loan or be looking to purchase property.

Whatever it is, it’s a targeted campaign that you send out to your clients with the primary focus of getting them interested to come in and see you to talk about that (whatever ‘that’ is).

Minutes well and truly up, so make it count!  Kim


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