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Are you chasing a home run or a run home?

I’ve just started playing baseball this summer and I received some sound advice from my baseball coach (we finished on top of the ladder so it must work). It applies equally in business if you want to win the long term game.

Are you trying to hit a business ‘home run’?

Are you always searching for the illusive next big thing to bring home all your hard work and make all the ‘slogging away’ worth it?

You go to conferences, PD Days, networking events, do online courses or listen to others on a podcast spruiking the ‘magic bullet’ they found, their ‘big-hitting’ home run story that got them where they are today.

Whether it was a lucky strike or payoff from years of hard work, they made it.

Your turn must be next, right?

However, at the end of the day, it’s the runs on the board that ultimately determine success.

You could hit an almighty, earth-shattering exciting ‘home run’ and score instantly.

Kudos to you!

Or, you might score by taking one base at a time, starting strong by getting onto first base, strategically taking second, powering to third… and going all the way and sliding home.

However, you do it, getting home is what makes the run count.

Slower and steadier might not be as glamourous as one massive hit, but what are you chasing – the instant glory or the long-term results?

What are the decisive steps you need to repeatedly take in your business to progress you to the next base?

Is it:

First base: focusing on delivering a more enjoyable experience (thinking about how working with you makes people feel);

Second base: engaging clients with more meaningful communications (relevant conversations or content that helps solve their problems or achieve their desires), or;

Third base: better positioning your offer and how you help, so clients understand the value of your advice and willingly commit each and every year?

Home: More clients, more money, more impact.  A business that makes you proud.



You don’t have to get this right in one hit.

Take action, get traction and keep moving one step closer.

This way, everyone wins.

Ps. We’re now into the finals so taking this advice counts big time. Wish us luck!



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