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Help people understand how you help them, don’t just tell them what you do. [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (2.5 minutes) to help your business grow.  

If you prefer to read it, keep going.  

Today’s video is about the fact that most people don’t want ‘what’ you do – what they want is the end result, the outcomes and benefits of what you do. Make this clear so more people understand how valuable you are! 


I don’t want you.  

And I don’t mean that rudely and I don’t mean that personally.  

What I mean is, I don’t want a Financial Adviser, a Mortgage Broker, a Risk Specialist, a Lawyer, a Stock-broker… whatever it is that you do an Accountant.  

I don’t want that because I don’t get out of bed in the morning and go, oh 

I want insurance.  

I want investments.  

I want tax planning.  

Nobody does that.  

What they typically want is the outcome and the end result of those things that you do.  

Yet in so much of the marketing and the promotion that I see in this professional advice space, it’s still all about the technical products or the advice components that you provide that is being put at the forefront.  

And yet that is not the stuff that people actually want. 

So I’m driving home the other day and I go past this ad on a billboard. I’m just stuck at the train station lights (so I’m sitting there for quite a while).  

And there’s this beautiful picture of a father and a son and above it, and it’s an ad for a financial advice business… it says taking care of those people that are most important”. 


And it’s really cute and I’m like, oh you’ve nailed it.  

Then I look next to the ad and it’s got Investments, Insurance, Superannuation, Accounting, Tax Planning, Legal Advice, Surveying and I’m like… oh my gosh.  

You’ve just taken away that beautiful, emotional heart-felt message which is the stuff I want and replaced it with all the stuff that you do.  

So I get that at some point you’ve got to use those words and you’ve got to explain what it is that you’re actually going to do for your clients. 

But don’t lead with that.  

Lead with the things that they want.  

  • You know we help get you into that dream home.  
  • We help give you choice and options to do what you want.  
  • We help you make the decision where you want to educate your kids.  
  • We help make sure you don’t get that hefty, whopping tax bill at the end of the year.  
  • We make sure that if you get into a legal pickle, that you’re going to be okay and we’re going to get you out of it. 

Whatever it is, focus on those end results, the outcomes and the benefits that I’m going to get as a result of the stuff you do.  

And you’re going to have a heap easier job of getting more people understanding why they should work with you, stay with you, pay you and refer you.  

So whatever you do with that, Make It Count.

If you want more goodness, here is a tool which provides some simple, yet powerful examples to help you explain how valuable you are and why clients need you on their team.  Click here for your complimentary copy.  


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