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How to prevent clients from getting cold feet when it comes to working with you. [VIDEO]

As humans, we get scared when it comes to commitment.  

You know what I mean right?  

And this means commitment in any sense 

So whether I’m committing to becoming a client of yours, whether I’m committing to going to the gym, whether I’m committing to a new home and a large mortgage, whatever it might be, it’s a commitment.  

So your role as an advisor is to make sure that when someone makes a commitment, maybe, like I said, they’re committing to becoming a client or they’re committing to something that you’ve helped them do, then what can you do to reassure them and to help them validate that yes, this is the right decision for me?  

So the biggest reader of car magazines is often people after they’ve bought the car.  

They do that because they want to validate that they’ve made the right decision.  

So if I’m signing up to being a client of yours, just say you’re an accountant, then guaranteed, more than ever before, I’m going to be acutely aware of all of the other adverts, whether it’s billboards, whether it’s TV ads, radio ads, written ads, for other accounting services. 

And in my mind, maybe subconsciously, I’m gonna be questioning, oh oh have I done the right thing?  

Have I made the commitment with the right person?  

Or the right business?  

So, what can you do to reassure your clients and to validate or help them validate, yes the commitment they’ve made, either with you or with your help, is the right one for them.  

Send them a message.  

Pick up the phone, maybe it’s a gift, maybe it’s a hand written card, maybe it’s just a couple of emails that gives them that reassurance that “you’re on the right path and you’ve made the right commitment”.  

Whatever you do with that, Make It Count. 

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