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How a clear purpose can motivate people to take action [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (around 2.5 minutes) to help your business grow.  

If you prefer to read it, keep going.  

Today’s video is about the critical importance of setting a clear purpose for all the things you want to or need to get done, big or small. It makes a world of difference.   


If you want clients to take action, to do things that they need to do, that you’ve advised them to do … that they’re really kind of a little bit uncomfortable, things like maybe going and doing a budget or looking at what they’re spending and making sure that they’re saving more of their money.  

Or maybe it’s just about sitting down and planning out what they want something to look like.  

Maybe it’s even something that you’re doing in your business that you know you need to do.  

You know you need to have better efforts when it comes to delivering value to clients, that whole kind of content marketing piece.  

Maybe it’s around automation that you’re still doing too many manual things that you know you shouldn’t be doing.  

So even though we know this stuff, there’s so many reasons why people, humans, don’t take action.  

And one of the ways to get around it is to make sure that there’s a really clear purpose of why they need to do it.  

So, I danced on stage about three weeks ago, did two songs, and I am not a dancer.  

By no stretch of the imagination am I a dancer; however, so myself and whole lot of other girls, we joined this dance group and over 12 weeks, we learned two routines.  

And then we had to perform them in front of 300 to 400 people.  

Now, when you’re not a dancer and you know you’re going to be performing on stage, you don’t bet that the commitment every single one of us made to go to rehearsal every week for 12 weeks wasn’t incredibly strong.  

It was.  

Because at the end of the day, we weren’t just learning dance routines for the sake of it. 

We were learning them because we had bigger purpose.  

We had to get on that stage in front of people we know and not look foolish.  

Well, that’s debatable, but anyway.  

It gave us the purpose.  

And the reason that I’m sharing this is it was such an eye-opener for me around how committed you can get when you understand what’s at stake or what there is to enjoy.  

There’s a purpose behind it.  

So whether it’s something that you’re doing in your business, whether it’s something that you need your clients to do, be super clear on what that purpose is.  

You know what the equivalent of an on-stage performance is in the financial sense or in their life sense.  

And attach that to why they need to do the hard yards, why they need to do the budgeting or why you need to look at your process and do something to make it more automated.  

Have that purpose, it makes the world of difference.  

And whatever you do with that, Make It Count. 

Ps. As promised, here is a picture of me in action performing one of my routines on stage! What a laugh! 

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