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How telling someone why they shouldn’t work with you can get more business [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (between 2-3 minutes) to help your business grow.  

If you prefer to read it, keep going.  

In today’s video I share how you can use a little bit of reverse psychology to get people to take action and engage you 


If you want to get another human to take action or to do something, then tell them they can’t do it.

We’re crazy as humans, that when we’re told that we can’t do something or we can’t have something, what typically is happens is we want it even more 

I’m sure you’ve all got your own examples of where that plays out in your own life. 

So in a business sense, you know we’re very used to telling people about the value that we bring to the table, the outcomes and the benefits they’ll get through working with us, maybe some of the ‘what’s in it for me’?  

But what about flipping that on its head, and as part of your marketing effort, or maybe it’s part of your messaging on your website, or through some emails you’re sending, talk to clients and prospects about the things that they shouldn’t do, and this is what I mean.  

So, as opposed to, you know here are all the benefits and outcomes you get from working with us… what about:  

Do not work with us if you want to live a better life.  

Don’t consider engaging us if there is nothing more that you want, if you’re happy with having money worries, if you never want go on adventures, you don’t care where your kids are educated, if you never want to move house, you never want to buy another car, if you know that if one of you didn’t come home tonight that everything’s going to be a-ok, there’ll be no disruption whatsoever, then don’t worry about working with us, we are not the right fit.  

Because see, we’re so used to hearing all the good stuff, and all the juicy benefits that you bring to the table, that by taking the do not work with us if…” approach, it just comes from a different angle, and it just triggers that different side of the brain.  

And like I said, it triggers the side of the brain in a human, that when they’re told they can’t do something, they want it even more.  

So, whatever it is that you specialize in, try coming up with all of the things that clients shouldn’t engage you for, meaning that they don’t want to make any improvements, they don’t want to rid themselves of money worries, or whatever it is that you helped them with, and just see how you go.  

Do it as a little bit of a test and just see the benefits…because it really can work a treat!  

Anyway, whatever you do with that, Make It Count. 

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