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How to build lasting relationships with people on your page

Here’s a short video (just a tad over 2 minutes) with a practical idea to help your business grow. 

I’ve also included the written version if you prefer to read it.  

Give it a go – and make every minute count! 

In today’s video, I share how to build more successful ongoing relationships by working with people who are on the same page as you. 


Let me ask. What do you believe in?  

What belief system, what values, what’s really important to you?  

Because these things are really important to me, if I’m going to be your client.  

I want to know what you believe in.  

I want to know what your values are.   

I want to know how you’re going to bring something to the table, that aligns with me at a much deeper level.  

So I believe in love, and I believe that love makes the world go round.  

And that if you can do everything that you want to do with love, like love what you do, love who you do it with, love the experiences that you create, love the impact that you have in the lives of other people.  

Then I believe, you become a happier person and you make far more people happier.   

So, what do you believe?  

What are the things that get you up in the morning?  

Why do you come to work every day and do what you do?  

What drive or dictates your behavior to do the things you do the way you do it, as opposed to another way, and hey look there’s plenty of other ways that you can do it.   

I want to know what you believe.  

And some of the greatest videos I’ve seen on Advisers’ website or on specialist website of any description is when you can get inside and understand what they believe.  

It’s another way of getting clients to connect with you, to understand more about you, and to really work out, ‘are you the kind of person that I want to be sharing a lot of my nitty gritty and the details, my innermost fears and challenges and excitements with?’   

And if the answer is yes, the chances of me becoming your client are so much greater.   

So, what do you believe?   

You need to really be clear on it, but also how can you bring that to the table with your clients.   

So it might be like I said, through your website, maybe it’s some of your marketing materials, maybe it’s in some presentations that you do, maybe you’ve even got a video somewhere that you show.   

But where ever it is, let me into what you believe because if I can align with some of that, you’re going to get me a lot easier, hook line and sinker.  

Okay whatever you do with that, Make It Count.


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