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How to make working ‘on’ your business a priority


Flat chat… I hear you!

So here’s a business tip in under 2 minutes.

I’ve also included the written version if you prefer to read it.

Give it a go – and make every minute count!

Today’s video is a tip that will help you get your business on track in the new year and make sure you get the results you know you deserve. 

For those of you who are listening now, it’s coming towards the end of the year. And the best advice I can give is to start next year by setting aside some time every single week to work on your business.

And that means not just the day to day, everything that you need to do to keep the business going and to fulfill all of your client’s needs.

I mean putting some time in the diary on a regular basis and weekly at a minimum, where you sit down and you look at the big picture.

You do the strategy work.

You look at how you can actually go about growing your business, or getting new clients, or restructuring your pricing model.

Maybe it’s doing some more marketing, maybe it’s re-engineering your processes, maybe putting some human resource strategy into play and developing a really strong culture.

Whatever it is, put time in your diary and make sure that everyone knows that during that time you are not to be disturbed.

Now, for some that works better on a Friday afternoon. For some, it works better on a Monday afternoon. For others, it might be the first couple of hours of a Wednesday morning.

Whatever it is, put it in the diary, make it a commitment because that is the best way that you’re going to sure up your success in the coming year.

So on that note, here’s to your success!

Minutes up! So make it count.



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