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One way to help you charge what your advice is worth [VIDEO]

You know your advice changes lives – make sure you get paid what it’s worth! 

Today’s video is one way to help any Adviser who struggles with the ‘pricing conversation’ and charging what your advice is worth.  

If reading is more you than watching a video, I’ve got you covered below:  


You’re worth it, aren’t you?  

You make a massive difference in the lives of so many people.  

All you need to do is write a list of all of the people’s lives that you’ve changed or impacted in a positive way over the last 12 months to understand how valuable you really are.  

Yet, when it comes to pricing or charging for that advice, I still see so many advisers out there, and you know who you are, who are… undercharging.  

And the thing is, when it comes to pricing, you’ve got to make the sale to two people.  

The first person is yourself.  

You’ve got to have enough conviction in your own value before you can then try and get others to see the same and perceive the same value that you know.  

And yet it is an area that so many advisers struggle in. 

But yet, if you are out and about, and you bumped into someone and you were talking, and through that conversation you were able to give them some tips or some things to think about, and they turn around and go, “Wow, that was so fantastic,” and you know you get that little chuffed feeling of, “Yeah, I do know my stuff, and I can help.”  

You know how valuable you are.  

But in this example, that advice was free, not really advice, but those tips were free, meaning there was no price tag attached. 

However, the minute we try and attach a price tag, we go all, “Ooooh, I don’t know about my value,” and we question how valuable we are.  

But at the end of the day, it’s important that you charge your clients the right fee.  

Couple of reasons.  

One, if there’s a bit of tension in what they’ve gotta pay, there’s more chance they’re also going to pay attention.  

So, if you give someone something for free, they don’t value it, more than not, as much as when they pay for it.  

And if they pay enough that there’s tensionthey’re going to actually take that advice, hopefully, and do more with it.  

So you owe it, if you want them to do some of the things that you’re suggesting and the advice you’re giving you want them to take, you need to charge them so that they’ve got enough skin in the game to take action. 

The other thing is that a lot of advisers start looking at themselves and, “oooh ooh, am I worth it?”  

You’ve gotta detach yourself from the work, and think about; is the work that I’m going to be doing with this client worth an amount of money that they need to pay, because that is I’m charging for.  

The transformation, the improvement in their life.  

And that’s what you’ve gotta focus on.  

Take that away from it being about you, to it being about them, the value that you’re delivering to their life through the work that you’re doing, that’s worth it. 

So when it comes to pricing, it is a number, it is only a number, and I know that number stumps a lot of you, but you’ve gotta do what’s right… and that is by charging clients the right fee where there’s a bit of tension and it represents the value that you’re bringing to the table.  

You’re worth it, because you are A Valuable Adviser. 


Ps. Need help showing clients why paying you is worth it… check out this ready-made template you can use, called ‘Get paid what you’re worth.  

It’s worth it!


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